Mayfield, Five Ashes and the Great War

Mayfield, Five Ashes and the Great War

Mayfield, Five Ashes and the Great War

As part of the First World War Centenary two of our Branch members, Brian Oldfield and Carole Stilwell, are undertaking a research project with the support of this RBL Branch, into all the men whose names appear on the Mayfield and Five Ashes War memorials and who gave their lives for us so long ago.

Each month they are writing a short article, which will be published here, as well as the Mayfield and Five Ashes Newsletter.  This section will then be collated into a small booklet for the village once the series has been completed.

The first few articles will set the scene for international, national and local events in the run up to the declaration of war.  Thereafter the articles track developments internationally and locally, month by month, and detail the lives of the men when it is the centenary month of their death.

Updated/Amended List of Mayfield/Five Ashes Fallen WW1

Mayfield/Five Ashes Men who served in WW1 (ex Fallen)

Mayfield Prisoners of War

December 1918

Frederick Pettitt, service no. 35447, died 20th February 1919

Harvey Maurice Beale, service no. J70671, died 13th March 1919

Harry William Blake, service no. 204295, died 14th March 1919

Cyril George Beale, service no. 192544, died 28th August 1919 

November 1918

October 1918

Charles Rogers, service no. R/41901, died 8th October 1918

William James Watson, service no. 60715, died 8th October 1918

Victor French, 2nd Lt., died 10th October 1918

Stuart Campbell Taylor, Brig. Gen., died 11th October 1918

Montague Haffenden, service no. DM2/164528, died 26th October 1918

September 1918

James William Watson, service no. 97449, died 27th September 1918

August 1918

George Colvin, service no. G/68986, died 5th August 1918

Edward William Palmer, Sgt, service no. 400940, died 8th August 1918

William George Baugh, service no. 48915, died 8th August 1918

Leonard Dawson, service no. GS/2283, died 9th August 1918

Herbert Dann, service no. 103660, died 16th August 1918

July 1918

June 1918

May 1918

Hatton Charles R Conron, Lt., died 18th May 1918

Maurice Edward Grant, service no. 3814, died 18th May 1918

Jesse Buck, service no. T/240751, died 25th May 1918

April 1918

William George Taylor, service no. 46540, died 2nd April 1918

William Botting, service no. G/10905, died 4th April 1918

Sidney G Akehurst, service no. 6/5841, died 9th April 1918

John W Jenner, service no. L/8319, died 15th April 1918

Percival Naylor Kent, Lt. Col., died 18th April 1918

Charles S Dann, service no. S/18269, died 18th April 1918

March 1918

Arthur Groombridge, service no. G/18660, died 21st March 1918

Francis James Lade, service no. 02440, died 22nd March 1918

William Wickens, service no. 204052, died 24th March 1918

Henry Thomas Carter, service no. 35218, died 27th March 1918

February 1918

January 1918

December 1917

November 1917

John Godfery, service no. 124926, died 1st November 1917

Richard Carter, Seaman, M.N., died 2nd November 1917

Percy Jones, Captain, died 3rd November 1917

Arthur Hicks, service no. 60740, died 30th November 1917

October 1917

Jesse Humphrey, service no. 65504, died 10th October 1917

John Medhurst, service no. 23426, died 15th October 1917

Percy Britt, service no. 28570, died 16th October 1917

September 1917

Albert G. Humphrey, service no. G/6412, died 5th September 1917

Frederick Smith, First Engineer, M.N., died 9th September 1917

Benjamin Baldock, service no. 48615, died 10th September 1917

Herbert Bateup, service no. 372966, died 12th September 1917

Nelson Soane, service no. G/16696, died 17th September 1917

Frederick Tinker, service no. 33526, died 26th September 1917

Horace Cornford, service no. 3528 A.I.F., died 29th September 1917

August 1917

July 1917

Edgar Eaton, service no. G/37352, died 31 July 1917

June 1917

May 1917

George Lusted, service no. G/24415, died 11 May 1917

April 1917

March 1917

James Gaston, service no. G/9425, died 11 March 1917

Raymond Wicker, service no. SD/5829, died 14th March 1917

February 1917

January 1917

Albert Weston

December 1916

William Alfred Pierson, service no. G/40400, died 1st December 1916

Charles Kenward, service no. 15398, died 15th December 1916

November 1916

William Alfred Rebbeck, service no. G/8245, died 14th November 1916

John Thurlow, service no. G/28173, died 19th November 1916

October 1916

John Ellis, service no. SD/172, died 21st October 1916

John Henry Carter, service no. G/15566, died 27th October 1916

September 1916

Herbert Dawson, service no. G/11191, died 1st September 1916

(Owen) Alfred Weston, service no. G/10942, died 1st September 1916

Frederick O Axell, service no. G/11188, died 2nd September 1916

Charles Cosham, service no. 5353, died 2nd September 1916

Rollo d'Aubigne Harvey, Captain, died 9th September 1916

Charles Pettit, service no. G/16509, died 23rd Setember 1916

Walter Smith, service no. G/16073, died 23rd September 1916 

August 1916

Harry Maskell, service no. G/607, died 1st August 1916

Ralph Grant, service no. G/4109, died 23rd August 1916

William Turk, service no. R/14870, died 24th August 1916

July 1916

Joseph Watson, service no. G/2272, died 1st July 1916

Percy Hall, service no. SD/322, died 9th July 1916

Harold Sloman, service no. SD/362, died 27th July 1916

June 1916

Leonard Heasman, service no. SD/686, died 30th June 1916

May 1916

April 1916

William Basil Paine, service no. M2/081988, died 5th April 1916

Alfred Ashdown, service no. SD/277, died 28th April 1916

March 1916

Frank Skinner, service no. G/104, died 4th March 1916

Frank Wheatley, service no. G/7131, died 27th March 1916

February 1916

January 1916

December 1915

Ernest Bateup, service no. 404260, died 29th December 1915

November 1915

October 1915

Herbert Jones, service no. G/513, died 8th October 1915

September 1915

Leslie Jarvis, service no. M2/098125, died 2nd September 1915

Russell Louis H. Simmons, 2nd Lt., died 25th September 1915

Lewis John Baldock, service no. G/3571, died 25th September 1915

Frederick M. Lowder, service no. 487, died 25th September 1915

August 1915

Sydney Hall, service no. G/5744, died 28th August 1915

July 1915

Elam Cornford, service no. T/35084, died 10th July 1915

 Arthur Colvin, service no. L/8653, died 24th July 1915

 June 1915

Cadwallader John Coker, 2nd Lt, died 22nd June 1915

May 1915

William Thomas Griffiths, service no TF/3190, died 9th May 1915

April 1915

March 1915

Frederick Charles Akehurst, service no. J/35504, died 8th March 1915

February 1915

Frank Gutsell, service number SD/4182, died 10th February 1915

January 1915

December 2014

November 1914

Alfred Berry, service no. 10405, died 1 November 1914 

John Hamilton Langley, service no. 8299, died 19th November 1914

Edwin George Wicker,  service no. 232543, died 22nd November 1914

October 1914

September 1914

Frank Heasman, L/8356, died 10th September 1914

August 1914 - War is declared

Charles G G Bayly, Lt, 22nd August 1914

July 1914 - The eve of war

June 1914

May 1914

April 1914 - The run up to war


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