poppy field


The Poppy Appeal in Kimbolton


I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the street collectors,

schools and businesses in Bythorn, Brington, Catworth, Covington, Great

Staughton, Keyston, Kimbolton, Spaldwick, Stow Longa and Tilbrook who gave

so generously to this year’s Poppy Appeal. My list is sadly missing Stonely as

I couldn’t convince anyone to collect on behalf of the Poppy Appeal; maybe

next year?


A big THANK YOU must also go to the ladies and gentlemen who ’manned’

our table in Budgens, especially Luke Small and Chris Strand

My thanks also go to Daniel Button for trialling a card reader in Catworth (very

successfully!) and the patrons of the White Hart in Great Staughton who

raised £420.55 via donations and a Poppy Appeal quiz, researched and organised by

Paul Chamberlain.


The current total for the Poppy Appeal fortnight is £ 8184.50. A terrific total!


Giving doesn't stop now that the Poppy Appeal is over.

 If you see a Poppy Pot in any of our local shops please donate!

 Chris and \Jeff

Carol Vincent Bennett


Poppy Appeal Organiser—Kimbolton (ECD141)