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Sad Loss.... Pat Thurlow BEM

Pat Thurlow was a much loved member of the Kimbolton community and he sadly died on 3 July 2018 aged 89

Pat was a long serving member of the Kimbolton Branch of the British Legion and seldom failed a parade. Even in later years when he was too infirm to march, he alwaays paraded in his wheelchair and somebody "pushed" him with us as we marched on parade on Armistsice Day.

Pat joined the RAF just afer the war as an engineer and he served on a number of aircraft including Lightnings and Nimrods. Hed was an avid member of the Lightning preservation society and was proud to have served in 74 Sqn. During the Berlin airlift, just after the war, when thousands of Berliners were in danger of starvation, Pat was one of the key members of the Berlin Air lift and spent some time " at the sharp end" in Berlin on Air Traffic Control.

During his time in the service, he rose to the rank of Warrant Officer and was awarded the BEM for his service to the country. After his service in the RAF ended, Pat was well known for his services to the community and he was a very competent mechanic on gardening equipment.

His two daughters attended the Cremation Service in Bedford where a number of members paraded and the British Legion standard was carried by Brian Strang. Pat's daughters had this to say " I am sure that you will all remember Dad as a loving, caring,kind and fair man and I know that you all thought he was the 'salt of the earth' What could Bea and I say about Dad who was always part of our life, a dad who took our hands when we were little and helped us grow, a Dad who loved us and cared for us. We are the ladies we are today because of his love, care and support. But do you know what? Bea and I are the luckiest sisters ever because that most wonderful man was our Dad. He was the best there is and I hope we have both inherited his strength, kindness and love. We have our lovely memories to remember him and we will love him always. Dad, we both loved you so much and wish that we had another chance-just to say

"We Love You Dad"

................and so say we all. rest in peace Pat. We will not forget you