poppy field

National Professionals

Ever wondered why poppy collectors never run out of poppies?

Ever year there are several major collection days across London, with large numbers of Poppy Appeal collectors in tube stations across London. The collectors range from students to youth groups to serving and ex-service guys and girls.

The role of the support squad is to assist collectors on major collection days by replenishing poppies, emptying buckets and counting money. This is great way to be part of a team, meet new people and have FUN! There is such a great atmosphere on these days that the times flies and before you know it is the end of the day and £60,000 has been collected! A good support squad really helps to increase the collection total.

All we ask is that you can give a minimum of 4 hours between 9am - 7pm. 

If you would like to join in on then please get in touch with the London Poppy Appeal team