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Jessica Bailey's 10 mile fund raising walk. (Completed)

Well done Jessica. We are all so proud of you. Thank you.

My Story

Ladies and gentlemen, and fellow supporters,

As a 12-year-old with a burning passion for making a difference. I am here to share with you the reason why I am fundraising for the Royal British Legion.

You see, I have always been inspired by the bravery and sacrifices of ex-service men and women. Their unwavering commitment to our country fills me with deep admiration. I believe it is our duty to honour and support these heroes who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom.

That is why I have taken it upon myself to embark on this fundraising journey. I will be walking 10 miles from Accrington memorial then on to Church and Oswaldtwistle memorial to Great Harwood memorial to then finally make my way home walking on November 4th 2023, I aim to raise awareness and funds for the Royal British Legion. Every penny we raise will go towards providing vital assistance, rehabilitation, and support to those who have served.

I am driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact and show my gratitude to these extraordinary individuals. Together, we can ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten and that they receive the care and support they deserve.

I invite each and every one of you to join me on this noble mission. Together, let us stand united in our commitment to giving back to those who have given us so much. With your support, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of ex-service men and women.

Thank you for your attention and for standing alongside me in this important cause. Let us rally together, inspire others, and create a brighter future for those who have selflessly served our nation.


Follow the link below to donate.


Thank you.

Jessica's Fund Raising Walk