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Branch Information

We are delighted to announce that the Wivenhoe branch of the Royal British Legion is now open on Sunday afternoon as well as Wednesday evening. Please see the News & Events page for more information.

Royal British Legion

The Quay


Essex CO7 9BX

Our branch officers are:

Branch Officers

Mr Peter Hill

E: peter@toadhall2.co.uk


Mrs Barbara Tolan


E: shipwright3@outlook.com

Vice Chairman

Mrs Mary Hignell

E: wmhignell@gmail.com


Ms Clare Connelly
E: Wivenhoe.Secretary@RBL.Community

E: writergal05@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer Sally McAndrew
Membership Secretary

Ms Jane Telfer

E: janetelfer@mac.com

Events Officer

Mrs Lesley Fretwell

E: Lesley-fretwell@hotmail.co.uk

Standard Bearers

Mr Will Wheatley

Mr Dan Luxford

Poppy Appeal

Ms Victoria Carrick

E: toracarrick37@gmail.com  

Wivenhoe Services Club

Mr Alan Gillett

E: alan2002gillet@btinternet.com