poppy field


The Poppy Appeal in Torrevieja



There is no protocol attached to the wearing of a Poppy. The only stipulation is that it is complete with green leaf. The practice of removing the Poppy and placing behind the cap badge is incorrect and should not be encouraged. The rumour that Ladies must wear the Poppy on the right side is incorrect and it may be worn where the individual wishes.





The total of monies donated to the 2018 Appeal was €20,007


The total of monies donated to the 2019 Appeal was €17,326


The total of monies donated to the 2020 Appeal was €10,230


The total of monies donated to the 2021 Poppy Appeal was €15,948.

For further information please email   secretary.rbl.dns@gmail.com


Poppy People

Every year the branch actively seeks the help and assistance of more "Poppy People" to distribute and retrieve collection boxes and man their Appeal Stand in the Iceland Superstore in Torrevieja and help count the proceeds so generously donated by the public throughout the Torrevieja Branch area.

Anyone interested in helping and assisting with the Poppy Appeal please email the branch Poppy Appeal Organiser at: (PAO)




Where your money goes

Below is an overview of where the the monies donated by the public can be put to good use:

£20 would contribute towards an emergency grant to provide essentials like food, fuel, clothing or bedding to ex-Service personnel struggling to survive

£30 could help towards providing skilled advice and an hour's representative for a person at a Disability Allowance or War / Disablement Pension tribunal

£50 could pay for sports training equipment to prepare & train seriously injured ex-Service men & women

£60 could pay for specialist physiotherapy to strengthen an injured ex-Service man or woman

£80 will help us to kit out a Reminiscence Room in the new Dementia Unit at Galanos House. This is where each resident's life history can be enhanced instead of forgotten. 

£100 could help to cover the running costs to ensure the aftercare of our wounded is of the highest possible standard.

£250 could buy an emergency lifeline alarm for an elderly person.

£800 could provide a severely disabled person and their carer with a much needed welfare break.

No gift is too small. Whatever you give will help us carry on with our work. Follow this link to find out how to donate: http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/get-involved/ways-to-give/make-a-donation/.