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The Poppy Appeal in Tewkesbury

Thank You to all the people in the Tewkesbury area who have been so unstinting in your support of the Poppy Appeal over the years.

You have once again shown your amazing generosity by donating over £30,000 for the  2022 Poppy Appeal since 1 October 2022.

This brings our total to over £294,000 over the past 10 years.

For more details of fundraising events and this years Poppy Appeal, including details about Poppy wreaths, please go to our News & Events page or follow Poppy Appeal Gloucestershire on Facebook at @PoppyAppealGlos 

If anyone is interested in helping with the Poppy Appeal or taking over as the Poppy Appeal Organiser for Tewkesbury, please contact your current Poppy Appeal Organiser, Andy Parker, on 07963 375668 or by email at poppyappeal@andyparker.net 


Poppy Wreaths

Historically in Tewkesbury, Remembrance Wreaths were available for collection from the RBL Club in Church Street but, since it's closure, new arrangements are now required.  

Details about Poppy wreaths for organisations in Tewkesbury and surrounding areas, along with a few extras for personal use or new customers, are available from your local Poppy Appeal Organiser, Andy Parker.

If you or your local organisation wish order a poppy wreath for Remembrance Day or for any other commemoration during the year, please contact Andy by email at poppyappeal@andyparker.net or on 07963 375668 to discuss your order and to arrange delivery/pick up.



Donations by cheque should be made payable to "The RBL Poppy Appeal" and cash donations will also be accepted.  A receipt for your donation will then be issued for your records and ours.

Online bank transfers can also be used to make donations and details are available from your local Poppy Appeal Organiser, Andy Parker.


Laying of Private Wreaths

If you are planning to place a private wreath at the Cross outside of the organised wreath laying on Remembrance Sunday, we remind you that you are responsible for your own personal safety when doing so. 

If possible, please wear high visibility clothing or surcoats when approaching/leaving the memorial and laying your wreath.

In particular, please be aware of the amount of traffic using the Cross as a roundabout along with the height of the kerbs and steps. 

We also ask that you secure your wreath behind the cord which has been placed around the memorial so that your wreath will not blow away in the wind and become a hazard to traffic.


Gardens of Remembrance

Each year at the start of the Poppy Appeal, the blessing of a Garden of Remembrance takes place at the Cartland Memorial just inside the main gates to the Abbey and a Garden of Remembrance is also situated in the grounds of the Methodist Church adjacent to The Cross.

If you do not wish to negotiate the busy roads at The Cross, you have the option to place a remembrance cross or lay a private wreath at the in either of these locations.


Useful Links:

Tewkesbury RBL Branch on Facebook: @royalbritishlegionTewkesbury

Gloucestershire Poppy Appeal on Facebook: PoppyAppealGlos

The Royal British Legion Website: www.britishlegion.org.uk

Poppy Appeal Website Page: www.rbl.org.uk/poppyappeal

Poppy Appeal onTwitter: @PoppyLegion