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Details of the Branch's history are proving difficult to track down, but this is what we have discovered so far:

Tewkesbury Branch & Club

The Branch was formed in 1922 and between the wars met in an upstairs room in Quay Street in Tewkesbury and through the efforts of a local solicitor, Colonel Hattral, who facilitated the arrangement as a member of the Abbey Trust (now Abbey Lawns Trust), relocated to 51 Church Street during 1953 when what used to be the Abbey School Room became vacant.

There was a pub adjacent to the Club, The Mason's Arms, and some of the original members remembered getting served their drinks though a hatch.  We don't know the exact date the pub closed, but the Club extended into it combining the address as the much loved RBL Club, 50 Church Street, Tewkesbury.  The first Chairman, once the branch was situated in Church Street, was Doctor House

Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, including a 6 month shutdown due the the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tewkesbury RBL Club finally closed when the lease on the building was not renewed on 29 September 2020.

The closure of the Club does not mean that The Royal British Legion is gone from the town and the Tewkesbury Branch will carry on supporting the needs of the Armed Forces community in and around Tewkesbury.


Standard Bearers

The Standard Bearer from 1950-52 was Ted Parsons, with Cyril Page taking on the duties until 1960.  He was succeeded by Harry Robertson who completed 50 years loyal service as the Tewkesbury Branch Standard Bearer in 2010. 

Peter Godwin then took over for a few years and Phillip Edge became our current Standard Bearer in January 2018, with Peter on standby in case Phill is unavailable.

Phillip and his wife, Hilary, proudly represented us at the Grand Parade 90th anniversary event (GP90) in Ypres, Belgium, in 2018 where Phillip paraded our Branch Standard and Hilary laid a wreath at the Menin Gate on behalf of the people of Tewkesbury.


If you have any further information to add to our Branch history, or know someone who does, please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Secretary at tewkesbury.secretary@rbl.community