poppy field

Rotherham Rawmarsh & Parkgate

The Poppy Appeal in Rotherham Rawmarsh & Parkgate Branch

Rotherham, Rawmarsh & Parkgate Branch has shown its fundraising skills by once again improving on its Poppy Appeal total. We've topped £93,500 the break down is listed below:

Supermarket Stalls £44,200

Wentworth Garden Centre Stall £11,800

Primary Schools £12,500 

Unmanned Boxes £25,000

A big thank you to all who volunteered to make this possible and thank you to all the people of Rotherham District who have been so generous again.

Poppy Volunteers 

Anyone interested in helping in the 2024/20225 Poppy Appeal should contact our Poppy Appeal Organiser,

Ron Moffett MBE on rotherham.memsecretary@rbl.community