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2024 Liskeard RBL Volunteer Awards for Service to the Veteran Community of Liskeard

On Saturday 3rd February 2024, Simon Cassidy the Mayor of Liskeard had the honour of attending Liskeard Royal British Legion to honour two truly amazing volunteers, who’ve given so much service to the veteran community in Liskeard.

Kevin Grant aka Kev the Rev has been voluntary branch chaplain for close to 2 decades
Kevin has given steadfast support and care to our veterans and indeed to our wider community over many years as well as having been Chaplain to the then Mayor Cllr Jane Pascoe
He has led remembrance services and events across our town and he will be sorely missed.

Steve McGuire has, for many years, been the Parade Marshal for remembrance events across our town. He has kept us in line, kept us marching straight and been a great support to the planning of events throughout our community.
It was a privilege and an honour to spend time with two amazing people who’ve devoted so much of their life to our community