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2023 A Letter of Thanks from Councillor Simon Cassidy Mayor of Liskeard

You are a truly inspirational group of volunteers who continue to serve our community leading the way bringing other organisations and groups together and highlighting the cause across the board as well
As supporting the service community here in Liskeard

You have become the community figurehead popping up everywhere and supporting so many events and organisations whilst building upon the story of remembrance and respect

You are now the go to organisation for those striving for excellence in volunteering and for advice on best practice

You have become the leading light across Cornwall and Devon for how to be a successful branch and may talk about how amazing you are!

To amend the national
Motto - You are Service, not self, more than anyone I know

As Mayor I am so very proud of each and every one of you and grateful for your service to our community and on behalf of our town, I thank you for your service

Councillor Simon Cassidy
Mayor of Liskeard