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The Liskeard  Branch was first established in August 1921.  At this time the ' British Legion ' was formed by an amalgamation of four existing regional organisations to establish a 'National Body'. 

   The 'Liskerret branch of Comrades of the Great War' was already in being by 1918 but I have not found when it was founded.

  A meeting on 4th March 1921 shows a Committee as follows:-

       President     Capt C. Blamey

       Chairman     Mr F R Dunford

       Secretary     Mr L R Godfrey

       Treasurer     Mr R Moyle

       N.B. I have only checked the Cornish Times fiche from 1918 to 1921 (part of 1919 is missing) in the Liskeard Library (which is quite challenging) and I may have missed some reports.

  Soon I will start checking from 1976 onwards to record the foundation of the British Legion Club. If there are any members who have their own reports/ photos that can be photocopied and are willing to have them included, I would be extremely happy to include them.

  A file with with photocopies supporting the above will be available behind the Club bar soon.