poppy field


Branch Information

Our branch officers are:

Branch Officers    
President Lord Richard Grey of Condor    
Chairman Mr John W Walker    
Vice Chairman  Vacant    
Secretary  Mrs Linda Thomas    
Treasurer Mr Malcolm Thomas    
Membership Secretary Mrs Linda Thomas    
Chaplain Vacant    
Poppy Appeal Organiser Mr John W Walker     
Deputy Poppy Appeal Organiser  Mr Peter Finney    
Deputy Poppy Appeal Organiser  Mr Malcolm Thomas    
Deputy Poppy Appeal Organiser  Mr Alan Parker    
Deputy Poppy Appeal Organiser  Mrs Linda Thomas    
Standard Bearer  Mr Malcolm Thomas    
Branch Community Support Mr John W. Walker    
Branch Welfare Work  carried out by the Cheshire Area Office    

Our branch can be contacted on 01260 299 033 Branch Secretary or 0772 990 5953 Branch Chairman.

We meet bi-monthly on Tuesdays afternoons starting from January 2023. Branch Meetings start at 2.00 pm and are held at Knutsford Town Council Offices, Toft Road, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6TA.