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How do we count the contents of the Poppy Collecting Tins?

  • Each Poppy Collecting box has a unique seal with a number which is registered which is registered in an Excel file by the Poppy Appeal Officer (PAO)
  • A Committee member (not family related) or an appointed member of our branch can pick up the
    collecting box(es). 2 people (committee members not family related or 1 committee member and an
    appointed member of our branch) count the money together within two working days after picking up
    the collecting box. If the seal is broken contact our PAO immediately.
  • The amount raised per supporter must be given to the treasurer and PAO immediately after counting the
    money. The best way is to put a message in the Whatsapp group of the Committee. That way the whole
    Committee is informed at the same time. The amount raised has to be transferred to The Branch bank
    account within 2 working days.
  • The money raised will be registered on the Excel sheet of the PAO and the amount shared with the
    Committee members.
  • Only in individual cases a supporter can a supporter count the amount raised by himself and transfer the
    amount, in good faith to the Branch account of our branch. The selecting of these supporters will be done by our PAO and our Treasurer.
  • Our PAO will register which items have been delivered to each supporter and which amount this
    supporter has raised.



Version 1.0 08 October 2023