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Armed Forces Independence Payment

A new benefit called  the Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) is to be introduced to provide  financial support to Service personnel and veterans who have been seriously  injured as a result of service.  

An injured serviceman recieves  physiotherapy treatment at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre - Headley  Court (stock image) 

[Picture: Petty Officer Airman  (Photographer) Flo Foord, Crown Copyright/MOD 2008] 

On Monday 8 April  2013, the MOD, in conjunction with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP),  will introduce the benefit worth £134.40 a week to those eligible. 

AFIP is designed to  provide financial support to service personnel and veterans who have been  seriously injured as a result of service to cover the extra costs they may have  as a result of their injury. Special consideration for those who have given the  most for their country is a principle set out in the Armed Forces Covenant. 

As part of the  Welfare Reform agenda currently being undertaken by the DWP, the current  Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will be replaced for working age claimants (16  to 64) by the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). AFIP is an alternative to PIP  for service personnel and veterans and is in addition to the financial support  they receive through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

The key difference  between AFIP and PIP is that individuals eligible for AFIP will not be required  to undergo an initial assessment, nor is there any future reassessment process. 

Minister of State  for Defence, Personnel, Welfare and Veterans Mark Francois  said:

"The men and women  of our Armed Forces have served their country with honour and bravery so it is  only right that those seriously injured by their service receive financial  support to help with the additional costs associated with their injuries. So I  am delighted that seriously injured serving personnel and veterans will be able  to avoid the unnecessary duplication of reassessments and continue to receive  disability benefits via these new arrangements. This is part of honouring the  Armed Forces Covenant and I look forward to the introduction of the Armed Forces  Independence Payment in April."

Service personnel  and veterans eligible for AFIP (eligibility is defined as those who have been  awarded a Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP) of 50 per cent or higher from the  Armed Forces Compensation Scheme) will shortly receive a letter from the Service  Personnel and Veterans Agency that will provide further details and a claim  form


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