poppy field

Dover White Cliffs

The Poppy Appeal

Although we have fund-raising events throughout the year, it is the Poppy Appeal in late October and early November that most people associate with the work of The Royal British Legion.  For us in the Dover White Cliffs Branch this is the busiest time of our year as we have many venues throughout Dover where you can make your donations.

Here are the main venues:

  • Dover War Memorial
  • Aldi
  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Lidl
  • St James Street
  • Home Bargains

We are always looking for volunteers to help please contact Christine Walton on 07510918561 if you have a few hours to spare.

Also, shops, clubs, pubs, garages throughout Dover will have Poppies available.

This year we will launch Poppy Appeal on Saturday 26th October and it will continue until Saturday 9th November.  

There will be quite a selection of items available at the main venues, e.g. poppies, "snappy" wrist bands, lapel badges, bracelets, etc., but more exotic items, such as jewellery, clothing, gifts etc., are only available directly from the Poppy Shop.  Order early as stocks do tend to run low in the few weeks running up to Remembrance Day.

Commemorative Wooden Tokens and Wreathes

The commenmorative wooden tokens available are the Muslim crescent, Christian cross, Jewish star, Sikh Khanda and a ‘No Faith’ token - you may get yours at the Royal British Legion's 'gazebo' in front of the War Memorial in Dover.

If you would like a wreath with a personalised message and or image in its centre, or a commemorative wooden token with a personalised message, please contact Christine Walton to make the necessary arrangements.

A Poppy Appeal Appeal

We are always looking for volunteers to help us collect donations during the Poppy Appeal.  So, if you are available and willing to give up a few hours of your time for a good cause, please contact Christine Walton for more information about how you can do your bit.
Thank you in advance for your support. 


Updates of amount raised so far for the Poppy Appeal

We fund raise throughout the year and the last event Easter Egg tombola raised £327.27 Thank you to Morrison's for hosting the tombola and staff and customers for taking part.


Dover White Cliffs Branch has shown its fundraising skills by raising £52.000 this year (2023).

Thank you to  all the people of Dover who have been so generous again. 

Anyone interested in helping in the next Poppy Appeal should contact Christine Walon 07510 918561