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RBL Cyclists Fundraising

It is sad to see people posting on social media about withdrawing from an event because they haven’t - or worse, won’t - achieved their target.
Your ever-adaptive webmaester figured he should write some words of (hopefully) wisdom on the matter; and so here goes.
You can read all the helpful stuff your charity offers to support you in your quest and, once read, decide on your fundraising plan. It’s what he used to do, years ago, when he knew no better. These days, he takes a different path, and suggest you might like to try it.
If you find that asking friends and family soon becomes too difficult for you to even raise the subject, yet you still have the same target to meet as everyone else on an event, this different path takes the form of asking total strangers to pay you money. That is what happens when people buy things, and so take a long hard look at what people want to buy, and that you are able and - want - to sell.
There you have it, in a nutshell; to be a successful fundraiser, just find something you can sell that anyone else might want to buy. Do your research to find your best price point - not too high that people wouldn’t buy from you, yet not too low, either. Here are some ideas to get your imagination in gear - and you might do better if you engage with a local RBL Club to host your event;
  • Quiz night
  • Coffee morning
  • Beetle drive
  • Games afternoon
  • Cakes
  • If you want to try selling poppy-themed products on ebay, you will need to obtain permission to use the poppy logo from brand@britishlegion.org.uk.
  • Slot car racing (e.g. Scalextric)
Keep a detailed sales record with as much information as you can, so when the time comes to prove your fundraising, your records do that for you.