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Links to all the memorial sites

Click on the memorial that you would like information on and you will be taken to the information page for that site.

For the Royal British Legion "Every Man Remembered" site visit www.everymanremembered.org 


For those with a Smart Phone or similar technology, there is an APP which provides interactive tours and routes, together with basic information about each Memorial Location while you are "on the move".  The APP Site is www.carlislememorialwalks.co.uk   

Search;   carlislememorialwalks.co.uk

At each location there is a QR Coded Plaque as shown below. If scanned with a Smart phone etc, you will be led to this Legion Branch Site with full details of each location.

A series of suggested routes can also be found by clicking the heading immediately below. 

Memorial Tours and Routes


Memorial 1 The Cenotaph Rickerby Park Carlisle

Memorial 2 The Cenotaph Green Market Carlisle

Memorial 3 Harraby War Memorial Carlisle

Memorial 4 Botcherby War Memorial

Memorial 5 Howie Boyd Hall memorial Bishop Goodwin School Carlisle

Memorial 6a to 6h Cumbria Museum of Military Life Carlisle

Memorial 7 St Peter's Church Memorial Kingstown Carlisle

Memorial 8 Carlisle Cemetery WW1 War Memorial

Memorial 9 Carlisle Cemetery New War Memorial

Memorial 10 Stanwix Cemetery War Memorial

Memorial 11 Upperby Cemetery War Memorial

Memorial 12 Eden Bridge Gardens War Memorial

Memorial 13a 13b Longtown Memorial Hall War Memorial

Memorial 14 Cumwhinton War Memorial

Memorial 15 Great Corby War Memorial

 Memorial 16 Raughtonhead War Memorial

Memorial 17 Scaleby War Memorial

Memorial 18a 18b Brampton Hospital War Memorial Brampton

Memorial 19 Dalston Victory Hall Dalston

Memorial 20 Carlisle Grammar School

Memorial 21 Carlisle GPO War Memorial

Memorial 22 Nether Denton War memorial Low Row


War Memorials Located in Churches and Churchyards 


Memorial 23 Arthuret Church War Memorial Longtown

Memorial 24 Beaumont WW1 Memorial

Memorial 25 Bewcastle Memorial

Memorial 26 Bewcastle Knowe Church

Memorial 27 Blackford Memorial

Memorial 28 Brampton St Martins Church

Memorial 29 Burgh-By-Sands War Memorial

Memorial 30 St Michael's Burgh-By-Sands

Memorial 31 Carlisle Cathedral WW1 Memorial

Memorial 32 St Aidan's Church Carlisle

Memorial 33 St Cuthbert's Church War Memorial

Memorial 33a St Cuthbert's Church Bronze plaque Memorial

Memorial 34 St George's Church Carlisle WW1 Memorial

Memorial 35 St James' Church Carlisle WW1 Memorial

Memorial 35a St James' Church AF Chance Memorial

Memorial 35b St James' Church ES Chance Memorial

Memorial 36 Our Lady and St Josephs Church Carlisle War Memorial

Memorial 37 St John Evangelist Church Carlisle War Memorial

Memorial 38 St Michael's Church Carlisle War Memorial

Memorial 39 St Paul's Church Carlisle War Memorial

Memorial 40 Castle Carrock WW1 Memorial

Memorial 41  Cotehill Memorial

Memorial 42 Crosby-On-Eden War Memorial

Memorial 43 Cumdivock War Memorial

Memorial 44 St James' Church Cummersdale War Memorial

Memorial 45 Cumwhitton Memorial Clock

Memorial 46 St Michael's Church Yard Dalston War Memorial

Memorial 47 St Michael's Church Dalston War Memorial

Memorial 48 Farlam Church War Memorial

Memorial 49 Great Orton St Giles Church Yard War Memorial

Memorial 50 Hayton St Mary Magdalene Church Yard War Memorial

Memorial 51 St Mary's Church Yard Hethersgill War Memorial

Memorial 52 St John's Church Yard Houghton War Memorial

Memorial 53 St Kentigern's Church Yard Irthington War Memorial

 Memorial 54 St Andrew's Church Kirkandrews- on-Esk

Memorial 55 St Cuthbert's Church Kirklinton War Memorial

Memorial 56a & 56b Lanercost Priory

Memorial 57 St Nicholas Church Yard Nicholforest

Memorial 58 Rockcliffe

Memorial 59 Scotby

Memorial 60a & 60b All Saints Church Scotby

Memorial 61 St Mary's Church Yard Stapleton War Memorial

Memorial 62 Talkin Church War Memorial

Memorial 63 St Mary's Church Walton

Memorial 64 St. Paul's Holme Eden

Memorial 65 St Leonard's Church Warwick on Eden

Memorial 66 Holy Trinity Church Wetheral 

Memorial 67 St Mary's Church Wreay War Memorial

Memorial 68 St Bede's Church Carlisle

Memorial 69 St Mary Magdalene, Gilsland

Memorial 70 Mititary Hospital Fusehill St. Carlisle

Memorial 71 Border Kirk Memorial

Memorial 72 Rockcliffe Community Board

Memorial 73 St. Barnabas Church 

Memorial 74 Reserved.

 As with all of the casualties we list on these pages we really know very little of the men and women whose names we honour here.   They had jobs, skills, hobbies, and families.  They were civilians in the main, most of whom had never before travelled beyond the local market town.  They exchanged letters with parents and siblings from which they had never before been parted until their “great adventure” as soldiers.  And they had photographs taken of themselves in uniform. 

While it is appreciated that the intervening years have shaded the knowledge we would like, we are hopeful that in many households there will still be medals, documents, and mementoes relating to a half-forgotten ancestor.    Please share your knowledge with us whether that is of a relative who lies in a far-away grave or of someone who survived to return to a grateful family.