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Polish Cross Airmen Memorial Calverton

There is a memorial situated in Watchwood Plantation, Calverton, that commemorates the deaths of three Polish airmen who crashed there.
On October 13, 1940, a Polish air crew (of 300 Mosovian Squadron), who were fighting for the allies, were returning to their UK base, at RAF Swinderby.

After a successful bombing raid, their stricken 'Fairey Battle' aeroplane came down in Calverton, tragically killing the three men instantly.

The memorial is for pilot Flight Lieutenant Jan Gebicki; rear gunner Sergeant Edward Morawa and wireless operator Sergeant Tadeusz Egierski.

The men are buried in Wilford Hill cemetery, Nottingham.
In 1995 the Calverton branch of the Royal British Legion gave the original memorial a makeover.
The cross is tended and cared for by members of the Calverton and District Royal British Legion. A yearly homage takes place the day before Remembrance Sunday.  Representatives from the Polish community usually come to pay their tributes.