poppy field


The Poppy Appeal in Bartestree, Lugwardine and Withington Area

YEs !!  it's POPPY APPEAL  time again.    

Last year we collected over £3,000 which was a big increase from 2012,

and this year we have the 1914 -2014 link so we need to increase it a bit more.

This does not mean you should increase your donations (although that would be nice and kind) but we need MORE contributers.    You can help.  If you can give us a little of your time and help the collectors, this is worth so much more than giving an axtra fiver or so.   

It is not an easy job, you need a lot of patience, tolerance, good humour and much more,  but you get to meet people and talk with them.  

You could organise small collectins (for poppies) at Halloween Parties,  Bonfire things, Gardening events,  clubs, or any other social/community  activities.

Remember in 1914 they were asking for a lot more than a few hours !

If you are unable to think of a very good reason for NOT doing it, then please give me a ring on 01432 851 842 and let us talk.    

      Thank you.