poppy field


10th November 2024 will be Remembrance Sunday.

Wreath Stand

Albrighton Royal British Legion now use a bespoke stand for the wreaths. On the evening of the Remberence Sunday we lift the wreaths from the Memorial and display them on the stand. This keeps the wreaths in good condition for the entire period we display them which is until the start of the new year.

Each wreath has a card written by the organisations who lay it. On the 11th Novenber 2017 the following cards were attached.

Wreathcards2018 1Wreathcards2018 2Wreathcards2018 5Wreathcards2018 7Wreathcards2018 9Wreathcards2018 10Wreathcards2018 11Wreathcards2018 12Wreathcards2018 13Wreathcards2018 8Wreathcards2018 6Wreathcards2018 15Wreathcards2018 16Wreathcards2018 17Wreathcards2018 18Wreathcards2018 19Wreathcards2018 20Wreathcards2018 21