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A Message From Our New President Col. Patrick Norrington-Davies

It is of course a great pleasure for me, as your new President, to say a few words; and a few words it will be, as in my long military career I have always been taught, keep it simple, keep it short and certainly make no more than 3 bullet points.

Firstly I would like to thank the outgoing Chairman, Mr John Andrews, for all he has done for the Aberystwyth Branch over many years of dedicated service. Most recently as our Chairman, but also as a committee member for the past 23 years, a massive achievement and one he can feel justly proud of.  He is not lost to the Branch but taking a well earned rest and I, on behalf of the Branch, would like to wish him all the best in his travels over the coming months.

As October approaches we all know what our next priority is and that is our annual poppy appeal and collection, Remembrance Sunday and Remembrance Day itself and I would ask you all to get behind David Ebenezer and Sean who will take the lead at this most important time of the year,  Collecting is not an easy task but it is vital to all that the Royal British Legion do and I would like to thank you all, in advance, for the support and effort that many will give to the Royal British Legion in the weeks ahead.  Important dates will be included in this letter and I look forward to seeing you all on the streets and in the shops of Aberystwyth.

My final point is on membership.  We need more members but especially active members and I would encourage you all to find just one new member, get him or her signed up and if at all possible involved.  They need not be veterans or even relatives of veterans but any willing volunteer who feels passionate about the Armed Forces but most importantly helping to look after those who have served and now find themselves in need of support to carry on and survive in our complex, diverse and challenging world that we live in.

Good luck and fortune to you all in the months ahead and please make an effort to attend and support the AGM and remember, time to volunteer your services on the committee is NOW.