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Apart from The Unknown Warrior at our Tuesday 6th October Branch Meeting, we have yet to book other speakers this year of 2020. WATCH THIS SPACE

On Monday 2nd March 2020 - In Byfield's Village Hall's Meeting Room NN11 6UT at 2000, Cherida Plumb will describe the work of the nearby Katharine House Hospice; Cherida is their Community & Events Fundraising Manager.

 On 4th February 2020  in Byfield Village Hall's side annexe, Richard Woodcock only added to the "Mysteries of Easter Island", officially the remotest place on earth, where in 2010 he took some Rn'R after cycling across the Andes fund raising for Mencap, and just surviving Chile's 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

A New Year & the dawn of a new decade! On the 6th January 2020, Bert Manton laid out forty objects before the first Branch Meeting of the year in Byfield VH's Meeting Room and asked us to identify each of them. They ranged from George Stephenson's (of "Rocket" fame) cucumber straightener to a WW2 aircraft life-raft radio kite antenna. Points were awarded and a first prize presented. A most unusual speaker session ensued, with full audience participation.

In the decade before...

It was Terry's Turn to tell another of his tales at our 2nd September 2019 Meeting in Byfield Village Hall's Meeting Room. He was "All at Sea" and wasn't going into too much detail about what he got up to in Bugis Street, Singapore when he was 18.

In July 2019, on the first day of that month in Byfield Village Hall's Meeting Room, our Chairman Russ related his experiences of our Royal Navy's first carrier-borne jet night fighter, the Sea Venom. (thanks to flyawaysimulation for the image).

On Tuesday 4th June, in Byfield Village Hall's meeting Room our Member Jeremy gave a presentation about D-Day. Jeremy reminded us of the tremendous scale of Operation Overlord, which was especially poignant a couple of days before the 75th anniversary of that great event.

On Tuesday April 2nd 2019 in Aston-Le-Walls' Village Hall NN11 6UF, Roger Cragg, spoke about the development of transport in the West Midlands over the last 200 years, including canals, railways and roads.

On the evening of 4th March 2019, in Byfield Village Hall's Meeting Room, David Morse told us about the Warwickshire Home Guard. after our usual pre-meet lubrication in Byfield's "Cross Tree"

In February '19. on Tuesday 5th, in Aston-Le-Walls Village Hall, Main Street, NN11 6UF: Richard Woodcock discussed "The Cuban Revolution", & Fidel Castro's 1953 court defence 'History will absolve me'.

On Monday the 7th of January in Byfield Village Hall (the BIG hall - NOT the Meeting Room (Lower Annexe)), Byfield Scouts told us all about their recent expedition to visit their counterparts in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and their mini safari afterwards.                     

During 1918 the First World War ended but one hundred years later…

On Tuesday 2nd October 2018 we were in Aston-le-Walls' Village Hall to hear Bob Cubitt describe his and Chris's experiences at GP90

On Monday, September 3rd 2018, Tim Boddington spoke about his times in China! A very different place to what you might expect, China is both ancient and ultra-modern and his talk was well worth listening to.

On Monday 2nd July 2018, in Byfield Village Hall's Lower Annexe, Bob Cubitt explained why we might be confused about commandos. When we think of the commandos, we think of the Royal Marines, but they weren't the first - not by a country mile.

On Monday 14th May 2018 in Byfield Village Hall's Lower Annexe, Steve Dimmer told us "Tales from the Trenches". Steve opend his presentation with images of the troops going-off to war singing "Tipperary" and the sixteen of us assembled joined in with some gusto...  

Karin Start talked to us on Monday 5th March 2018, in Byfield Village Hall's Lower Annexe, Karin gavve a fascinating insight into the NHS's Emergency Medical Team's activities in strange and wonderful places.

On Tuesday 6th February 2018 in The Royal Oak in Eydon, our Chaplin, the Rev Stevie Cross provided us with an insight into working with the aerospace industry. Her talk was entitled "Reflections of a Peripatetic Engineer".

On Monday 8th January 2018 in Byfield Village Hall's Lower Annexe, Ken Gillbryan spoke about the failed Franklin expedition to find the northwest passage between Canada and the Arctic from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.








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