Ramsey 1940s Weekend

Welcome to the Stamford Branch of The Royal British Legion

John Copeland, Ray Beresford, Joyce Burton and Steve Bonde took the MDU to represent the Branch and to support Ramsey RBL at the Ramsey 1940s Weekend and heat wave of 18 - 19 August. It was hot - 31ºC on the first day and 32ºC on the Sunday! Fortunately we were strategically placed next to the entrance to the bar, so that it was not too far to stagger for the occasional quenching pint.


We had a very successful weekend. We recruited two new members - one living in Carlisle (!) and the other being the redoubtable Matt Page. He should stir up our sleepy little Branch! We also took quite an amount of cash for Branch funds from sales and donations. Best of all was a charming lady from London who had baked a whole tin of gingerbread in the shape of memorials and soldiers' discs with their name, rank and number.  She gave them to us to raffle at the Saturday evening dance, raising £90 for us!

We also engaged the undying thanks of countless doggies and their owners by providing a ever-open bar for parched pooches. The poor things were literally gasping in the heat. One indeed, Alfie, flopped down in the shade next to the bowl  and refused to go on. We looked after him for the next three hours while his family went off and saw the show. Throughout all this, of course, we were picking up donations from grateful owners.

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