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Welcome to the Stamford Branch of The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion in Stamford is generally regarded as the largest social group in the town. The Branch of course plays the lead role in organising the Remembrance Parade and Service, creates the Garden of Remembrance each year, and arranges the observance of the Two-Minute Silence on Armistice Day


Legion members lead the Mayor's Parade


But Stamford Branch is active in the wider local community calendar throughout the year. Over the years Stamford Branch has played a full role in, for example, the annual Stamford Summer and Christmas Festivals, the Mayor’s Civic Parade, the Wings Appeal and Battle of Britain Service and Parade, the Edith Weston Vintage Fayre, Operation Market Garden 2008 at Spanhoe, and other local WWII vintage events, and the homecoming Parades of 3 Squadron, RAF Regiment and 2 Battalion, the Anglian Regiment from Afghanistan and Iraq.


A Branch entry into the town's annual Christmas Tree Festival


In 2003 the Legion launched its Legion in the Community (LIC) programme at branch and county levels to give new opportunities for everyone to get involved in Legion work within their local communities. The aims are to raise public awareness of what the Legion does in local communities, to promote the Legion as an active membership organisation, and to invite local people to get involved with welfare and membership activities of the Legion.


Branch members take residents from one of Stamford care homes

for a wheelchair tour of Stamford Market



The Branch led a programme of sending comfort parcels to the troops in Afghanistan and it continues to play an active role in the ‘Honour the Covenant’ campaign. The Branch works closely with other former ex-Service groups in Stamford at every level, recently in the refurbishment of the War Memorial and the installation there of public seating.


Stamford Branch enjoys close links with the town’s schools and youth groups, as set out in the section on Youth and Schools.


Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

The Stamford Branch of the Royal British Legion was nominated for a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in both 2008 and 2009 for their welfare and other general beneficial work. The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the voluntary sector equivalent of an MBE and only 70 are issued each year. The Branch was one of only five groups who had been nominated from the whole of Lincolnshire for their charitable works.

The then Chairman & Lady of Lincolnshire County Council, Councillor Ian Cartwright MBE and Mrs Elizabeth Cartwright, kindly hosted a reception on 16 April 2009 in the Judge’s Lodgings in Castle Square, Lincoln for the nominated groups.

Four members of the Branch attended the function: John Copeland (Branch Chairman), Derek Gladman (Branch President), Hugh Mc Neill (Branch Welfare Chairman)and Steve Bonde (Branch Secretary). Also at the reception were Tony Worth (County Lord Lieutenant), AVM Peter Dodworth (Dep Lord Lieutenant), and the Lady Sarah McCorquodale (High Sheriff of Lincolnshire).



Stamford Can Belto Choir

This unruly lot ran riot in Stamford and on nearby military bases singing Christmas carols in 2003. A unique feature was their ability to sing every carol to the same tune. There was never a dry eye in the house whenever we belted out Hark The Herald Angels Sing for the umpteenth time. 



Here you see Ray Beresford, John Copeland, Joyce Burton, Shaun Arthur, John and Beryl Ingham, Marian Freeman, Derek Burton, Roy Prentice et moi. It is their proud boast that they were never knowingly invited back!


How to get involved

If you would like to get involved in any of the Legion in the Community activities, you can! We are always looking for new members and volunteers to get involved in our fundraising and welfare work. The Royal British Legion is an active membership organisation and, whether you are Serving, ex-Service or have no links with the Armed Forces family, always gives new members and volunteers a warm and friendly welcome. But you do not have to become a member in order to help. There are many ways in which people become involved - to help with the Poppy Appeal each year, to help develop the Legion's links with young people, to help organize or just take part in the Branch social activities, to become a welfare caseworker, or simply to look out for and alert the Branch to any difficulties facing members of the Serving or ex-Service community.


For more details on how to get involved in Stamford, please contact Pat Savory, Branch Secretary, on 01780 755208 or by e-mail, or Jim Rimmington, Branch Poppy Appeal Organiser, on 01780 767343.

For more details on how to get involved in Stamford, please contact: the Branch Secretary or Poppy Appeal Organiser.

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