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Branch noticeboard

This is the virtual noticeboard of the Rheindahlen branch of the Royal British Legion.

The committee will be using this screen to publish advance news and draft minutes of meetings , preceded by their agendas.

Further information may be distributed to members via emails and through the Branch Facebook site.








Opening Remarks:



The Chairman opened the meeting at 14:00 hrs with the recital of the Exhortation and thanked everyone for attending. He regretted the long break of 25 months since the last GM - althgough we had managed to squeeze in the AGM between Covid peaks. There were 25 Members present and he welcomed our newest member, Michael Feuster, Bandmaster of the Band of the Grenadier Guards, Kapellen-Erft e.V. (BGGK-E). An attendance list is held by the Secretary and is available on request.



Apologies: Apologies were received from: Patricia Roberts, Tom Burke, Steve Slater, Thomas Lorenzen, Rudolf Büschges, Dick Simmons, John van Gelder, Eva Barber and Claudia Hütter.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of the February 2020 General Meeting were passed as a true record. Proposed by: Steve Owen, Seconded by: Dave Marsh; Carried unanimously.

There were no matters arising.



Chairman's report: The Chairman reported as follows:


  1. He and the committee regretted very much the lack of contact and activity, due to the pandemic. We were fortunate to have been able to get the AGM in, thanks to the hospitality of OC SEF(G), to whom gratitude is again due for the current meeting. He hoped life would get back to normal hereafter.

  2. Events: There have been two committee meetings since the AGM in Nov 2021 and the first remembrance event of 2022 took place in January, in Maasbracht, when our President and Brigitte Owen laid the wreath on behalf of the branch, to commemorate the death of LCpl Harden VC. Due to Covid restrictions the wreath was laid privately

  3. The committee had spent some time on preparing a diary of events for the year and this would be covered at item 6. He looked forward to receiving suggestions from the floor.

  4. He then explained why the meeting was being held on a Saturday. Firstly attendance at weekday evening meetings had seen a reduction in attendance, being more difficult for those working to attend and secondly, (winter) evenings were less popular amongst the older members when having to drive home in the dark. The committee felt it would be worth trying a Saturday midday and he asked those present how they felt about this change. The idea received unanimous support for this change.













Reports by Officers and Specialist Appointments:



  1. Vice Chairman: No comments.

  2. Secretary: No secretarial comments, but some comments on diary items below.



  1. Treasurer:

    1. (covered in his absence by the Chairman) The handover between Chris Farrell and our new treasurer, Steve Slater, had gone smoothly and was complete. The Branch funds remain in good shape, with a balance of €8035,00 in our Sparkasse account and €24,035.59 in the (UK) BFI account. Chris Everett proposed that the accounts be accepted and was seconded by Brigitte Owen; carried unanimously.

    2. There was some discussion about how fees were paid within Germany, whether by direct debit, bank transfer, or by cash. There seemed to be some slowness of accounting in getting acknowledgement from Novacroft, which needs investigating. The matter was considered too detailed for the meeting and would be handled at the next committee meeting.

    3. One of the members raised the question of changing payments from German to UK direct debit, and another on the matter of fees being taken early. Rather than discuss in this forum, AT-C confirmed he would investigate and deal directly with thoise affected.

  2. Membership Secretary: AT-C informed the meeting that including Michael Feuster, the branch strength was now 143.

  3. Poppy Appeal Coordinator/Welfare report:

    1. Poppy and Remembrance: Dave Marsh confirmed he held enough poppies and crosses for this year the annual requirement being 17 wreaths for branch purposes. All wreaths are type C with the RBL insert.

    2. Due to complications post Brexit with the Customs department, he is no longer able to order wreaths for those requiring them for private purposes, eg. with regimental or corps inserts. These wreaths will need to be ordered by the individual directly with the Poppy Shop in the UK.

    3. Welfare and Buddy: The long-standing welfare case which had run for many years is now closed, the beneficiary now being safely ensconced in a home, where he continues to be visited. There are for the first time in many years no welfare cases ongoing and there are also no Buddy cases.























Forecast of Events: The latest forecast of events is attached.



  1. Stammtisch: The secretary proposed to repeat the successful buffet lunch held at the China Sea Garden in Willich, in April, after Easter. It was confirmed in discussion that this was a popular form of Stammtisch and that value for money was more important than variety of location. AC will shortly notify the date and time to local members.

  2. The Vice Chairman spoke briefly on the subject of a possible visit to Vogelsang in May or June. (June is preferable due to other events in May) He felt that those who were interested in such a visit, should congregate at Vogelsang, rather than engage in an organised tour, which would be more expensive and less flexible. Visitors could then choose the attractions to be visited. Following brief discussion, it seemed that the distance involved and the recent rise in the cost of fuel made this an unlikely activity. The question of hiring transport was rejected on grounds of cost and inconvenience in selecting a pick-up point.

  3. The National Conference will take place from 13 - 15 May 2022, in the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London. AC will circulate information to enable those interested to register as a branch representative, either in person, or virtually. Those attending were asked if they wished to represent the Branch, but since no one came forward, the Chairman agreed to represent the Branch.

  4. There will be an Open Day event organised by SEF(G) held in Ayrshire Barracks on 1 July 2022. Details to follow.


















  1. Rudolf Büschges has again kindly agreed to host the branch BBQ on his premises, on 30 July 2022. Again details will follow nearer the time.

  2. Confirmation is required as to whether the annual remembrance service will be held again in Jalhay (Belgium) AC will seek information from Patricia Roberts.

  3. British Flair: The Chairman will continue to seek information as to whether this event is planned for this year.

  4. The AGM will take place in October - date subject to confirmation.

  5. Remembrance: Details of all the Remembrance and Volkstrauertag events in which we are likely to be involved will be circulated in due course and could include, Linnich and Roermond in October, followed by Rheinberg, the Reichswald and Köln, as well as Wickrath, (on the Saturday) Süchteln and MG. The question of a bus to transport members to Rheinberg is discounted on grounds of practicality and expense.










AOB: Michael Feuster introduced himself, expressing satisfaction for the honour of the BGGK-E being awarding honorary affiliation to the branch. He explained that the last two years had been very difficult for the band and that as a result of the pandemic and all the restrictions imposed, he had lost many members and had difficulty in recruiting new ones. He therefore appealed to the branch to publicise his plight and to encourage its members to look for potential musicians within their families or circles of friends. He handed out some flyers which he hoped would encourage a positive response. An example is attached.







Date of Next Meeting: The next GM meeting will take place on a Saturday in May 2022, date, time and place TBC.





The Chairman then thanked all present for attending, before reciting the Kohima epitaph and closing the meeting at 15:15 hrs.







C Everett AJ Clark

Chairman Secretary





Forecast of Events

Flyer - The Band of the Grenadier Guards, Kappellen-Erft e.V. (Germany based members only)



(as at: 19 March 2022)







15th - Committee Meeting: 13:30 hrs


19th - General Meeting 14:00 hrs, Conference Room SEF(G)

5th District Committee Meeting: 14:00



Stammtisch 30th - date TBC


Buffet lunch China Sea Garden, Willich


Committee Meeting - date TBC


13th - 15th National Annual Conference General Meeting - date TBC

3rd UK RBL London-Berlin Bike Ride - timings and reception TBC


London - Queen Elizabeth Hall - delegate nominated: CE




Visit to Vogelsang (TBC)

4th District Committee Meeting:14:00


Possibly not - due to distance and fuel costs


Friday 1st Open Day SEF(G) Committee Meeting ? (TBC)

30th - BBQ hosted by Rudolf Büschges

Contact is LCpl Hart: Provide Stand ? TBC


General Meeting ? (TBC)


Remembrance Jalhay - details to follow



Committee Meeting ? (TBC)


British Flair ? (TBC Frau Graap-Schwarz?)

3rd District Committee Meeting: 14:00


Chairman to seek confirmation


3rd - Aircrew and Resistance Remembrance in Old Church, Roermond (Wappenbroeders)

Remembrance Linnich? 29th - AGM - TBC



13th Remembrance Rheinberg, Reichswald, Köln

+ Volkstrauertag at: Wickrath, MG, Süchteln etc.


Committee Meeting ? (TBC)

Festival of Remembrance - Albert Hall Remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph Remembrance Solingen?



4th District Committee Meeting:14:00

Jan 23

Committee Meeting ? (TBC

District Conference ??

Feb/ Mar

General Meeting