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Here’s the roundup for this week: 10/06/2018

  • It’s been a busy week with lots of news and information for you all so make sure you’re sitting comfortably….

    Firstly, you will be pleased to know that our telephone line is now back up and running and we can be reached on 01245 347123.

    1.   2018 Festival of Remembrance

    Recent changes in Data Protection laws and increased security measures have meant a review of the process for obtaining tickets to attend the Festival of Remembrance.  Under the new system, Members will buy tickets directly from the ticket agent  on a first-come-first served basis from 23rd July.   There is also a new pricing structure for the purchase of tickets, which now allows members to select their own seating and pay accordingly, meaning a fairer allocation of seating within the Albert Hall.  There will be no additional booking fees for Members.   The Festival of Remembrance team have consulted widely on this process, including the National Chairman, Membership Council, Directors, representative MSOs (also using last year’s feedback) and Membership Department.  We believe that this new system means fairer distribution and fairer pricing along with an equal opportunity for all Members to secure a ticket. It will also ensure that Members’ personal data is secure.  If you have any further queries, or FAQs for us to add, please just let us know. 

2. Armed Forces Day Free meal at Toby Carvery

Toby Carvery are offering a free meal to all Armed Forces on Armed Forces Day, 30th June 2018.  Please visit their website for more information.


3. Branch Year End 2018 cut off for BFI Requests

Branches are to submit all BFI deposits/withdrawals and transfer forms to branchfunds@britishlegion.org.uk by close of play Friday 22nd June 2018 to ensure that they are processed for the current branch year end June 2018. This will then allow for the production and release of the June 2018 quarter end BFI statements on a more timely basis for the purposes of incorporating the BFI transactions and year end balances in the branch year end reporting.  Please note LOMAS branches and counties must also submit all  BFI deposits/withdrawals and transfers by close of play Friday 22nd June 2018 on LOMAS.

Any BFI requests received after this date will be held and processed after 1 July, to be included in the 2018/19 branch accounts. 

4. National Conferencer Membership Forum

At the Membership Forum at Conference Sandra Fruish, Assistant Director of Membership, was unable to answer all of the questions but promised to reply post-conference.

  • 5. 

The Royal British Legion Paint a Poppy Challenge

We’re pleased to announce that this project, in association with The SAA (a membership-based art teaching and supply organisation) is now up and running, and, we might add, going rather well.  For full details of the Challenge, please visit The SAA’s website Paint a Poppy Challenge Page. It’s a very simple concept which anyone armed with a paintbrush can enter. 

Finally, it’s Volunteers Week so from myself, and Leigh, We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you who contribute so much to the Royal British Legion.  It is very much appreciated.

That's it!