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Royal British Legion Club Greenford

Royal British Legion Club (Greenford) Ltd

182 Oldifeld Lane South,



Tel: 020 8578 2530


Chairman : George Podmore

Vice-Chairman : Nick Hilton

Treasurer : John Masterton

Secretary : Lyn Britton



Club Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday     11:00am - 3:00pm         6:30pm - 11:00pm

Friday                          11:00am - 3:00pm         6:30pm - 11:00pm**

Saturday                      12:00pm - 4:00pm        7:00pm - 11:00pm **

Sunday                         12:00pm - 3:00pm        7:00pm - 10:30pm


**  If we have a private function in the Club or a Club event, our closing time will be midnight.


Details of additional opening hours will be on display within the Club and the Club facebook page as necessary.

Here is the address for our Club facebook group, feel free to join if you want to :


If you would like to be kept up to date with events here at RBL Greenford Club, feel free to drop the Vice-Chairman an email and he will add you to our mailing list.  You will only ever be sent event details, no spam or other messages will be sent to you.....guaranteed !!!

RBL Greenford Club Vice-Chairman's email ;




Our Club Facilities


We are extremely lucky here at RBL Greenford Club to have such a large Club with lots of things going on each week.  We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly Club with children always welcome.  There are no kid-kick-out times, all we ask is that you respect that our Club is for EVERYONE and children running around might upset someone that is just out for a quiet drink.  So if you're coming down with children, please keep them supervised and think of others.  We do have and are building on a children's bookcase with books for them to read.  We can also supply paper and crayons if they wish to do some drawing and if your child wants, we will happily put their pictures up on one of our walls.  We do more "family orientated" events and are currently bouncing some ideas round on new, bigger events.


We have car parks to the front & rear of the building with two entrances/exits to our frontage.

PLEASE NOTE : We have CCTV recording on the inside and outside of our Club for security purposes and peace of mind, although use of our car park is at your own risk and the Club won't accept any liability whilst your on our premises


Upon coming into the Club, there are noticeboards with all relevant information on them and a scrolling l.e.d. sign with the current week's information. 


We have our main bar which has gaming machines, lotto machine, juke box, pool table, dartboard, large-screen tv and ample seating.  Our bar is very well stocked and of course our prices are competitive.


We also have our red bar adjacent to our main bar which is perfect for a more relaxed atmosphere.  Our tea/coffee counter is housed within this bar.  This area also has a tv for your viewing pleasure and is also connected to the juke box with seperate volume control to the main bar.  On Wednesday evenings, our BINGO takes place in this bar.   The access for our snooker room and small function room is via this bar.


We are lucky to have our own snooker room with 2 full-size snooker tables, located nicely away from the hustle and bustle of the bars.  Our table fee is currently 50p for 45 minutes of lighting.  There is no bar in the snooker room but you pass the main bar on your way to the snooker room so you can get your drinks on your way through.


Our small function room is ideal for meetings and smaller groups.  For example, a chess club play in there, bands rehearse and some lessons are taught in this room.  There is no bar in this room but again drinks can be purchased from the main bar.  Any enquiries to do with using this room, please call the Club.


Just off our entrance hall is what was formerly known as the Ladies Bar.  It is served by the main bar for you to get your drinks.  This room is also connected to the juke box with individual volume control.  It is still known by some as the Ladies Bar but some call it the green bar or the Churchill Bar now that we encourage equality among males & females.  Times have moved on you know lol !!!


Our hall, it's a biggie compared to most Club's halls !  This is where most of our Club events take place and is also available for hire .  It has a large wooden-sprung dance floor in front of our large raised stage.  There is colour-changing lighting around the bar which can be tailored to your event's colour-scheme and there is wall lighting for a dimmer environment.  There are colour-flashing ceiling lights above the dance floor and seating for 130 people.  The Club's main toilets are also located within the hall, as is an entrance foyer with disabled toilet and ramp access for wheelchair use.  The Club's kitchen is also housed within the hall with fridge, freezer, microwave and range oven for use.  For all enquiries with regards to hiring our hall, please call the Club.


If you're thinking of hiring our hall for a function, we can offer the following in-house enquiry could sort all of your function needs !

  • Finger Buffet Catering
  • Room Decorations inc. table/chair covers, balloons etc.
  • Dj - quality sound & light show which caters for all genres of music

Please note that the above services are not included in your hall-hire quote and you would have to pay the relevant fees for each of the services required.


All of the different rooms within our Club are individually heated and air-conditioned to suit your needs.


If you're still not sure that our Club isn't a great place, feel free to pop in during our open times and see for yourself what we have to offer you...........simples innit !!!!



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