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Wreaths, sprays, chaplets and crosses are made at The Royal British Legion's Poppy Factory and can be ordered through this branch. In order to avoid charging VAT in the UK we do not quote a price for our wreaths. Instead we make them available to you in return for a voluntary donation which covers production, delivery to the Falkland Islands, administrative costs, storage and distribution. A suggested donation is indicated below.



Please allow at least two months for your order to arrive. We do however have a very limited stock of spare Type-C wreaths that can be made-up with a badge of choice if required immediately. To order your wreaths we request that you fill out this Order Form and email it to us . We require an email order so that we can keep a track of orders placed. 

Inscribed Ribbons

The following messages are available for affixing to any standard design wreath, printed in gold lettering on blue ribbon:

"Lest we Forget"
"In loving memory"

An additional donation of £2.25 is invited to cover the extra production costs.


Type C and Type K wreaths are suitable for inclusion of a central badge. There are over 3000 badges available including Services and associations. Please specify when ordering.


Overseas Wreath Laying Service

The overseas wreath layer, can be contacted via email on this link: email.


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