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January 2011


Members of the CBOC Committee                                                               


1.         Introduction.   CBOC Branch had a very successful 2010, having recruited 20 new members, trained 2 Welfare Case Workers and collected, for the first time, over £3000 during the Poppy Appeal. Unfortunately the main fundraising event had to be cancelled and consequently one of the main objectives, raising £1000, was not achieved. For 2011 the CBOC Strategy requires a plan to be written and presented to the AGM the year before the plan is due to be executed.  The Draft 2011 Plan was presented to the AGM on 11 Oct 2010 and endorsed by those present. This, the Final Plan was agreed by the Committee at the meeting on 11 Jan 2011. 

2.         Aim.    The aim of this document is to provide a plan for CBOC business in 2011.

3.         Objectives.      Following the success of 2010 and the direction in the Strategy the CBOC objectives for 2011 are:

a.         Membership.

  • Recruit 20 New Members. 15 from Cotgrave and 5 from Tythby, The Cropwells and Owthorpe.
    • Events and CBOC Gatherings.          

27 January       – CBOC Gathering at Cotgrave Welfare

23 February       - Annual Dinner at Nottinghamshire Golf Club

31 March         – CBOC Gathering at Colston Bassett Martins Arms

28 April           – CBOC Gathering at Cotgrave Welfare

26 May            – CBOC Gathering at Colston Bassett Martins Arms

11 June              - Poppy Party based on Cotgrave Welfare

28 July             -  CBOC Gathering at Cotgrave Welfare

29 September    - AGM at Colston Bassett Village Hall following CBOC    Gathering at Martins Arms

Late September – Visit to Bletchley Park or National Arboretum

29 September    - CBOC Gathering at Martins Arms and AGM at Colston Bassett Village Hall

27 October      - CBOC Gathering at Cotgrave Welfare

13 November    – Remembrance Sunday lunch.          

b.         Fund Raising.

  • Non Poppy Appeal.     Raise £1000 from non Poppy Appeal events.
  • Poppy Appeal.            Involve as many members as possible in the Poppy Appeal activity. Raise £3000 from the Poppy Appeal.

c          Maintain Awareness.

  • Standard.        Place the Standard in All Saints Church Cotgrave.
  • Remembrance Sunday. Support all 3 village communities on 13 Nov. Parade with Cadets in Cotgrave.
  • Web Site.        Develop and update the web site.

d.         Welfare.

  • Identify eligible and needy cases and provide welfare assistance.
  • Improve liaison with Cotgrave and Cropwell Bishop Medical Centres and the Police.

e.         Structure.        Identify individual members to represent the Owthorpe community, The Cropwell Bishop community and the Cropwell Butler and Tythby communities.

f.          Financial Control.       Acquire a mechanical method of counting funds raised during the Poppy Appeal.

4.         CBOC Committee.     The CBOC Committee for 2011 consists of:

a.         President:                                Gordon Gray

b.         Officers:

            Chairman                     John Ludlam

            Secretary                     Bryan Tansley

Treasurer                     Roy Evley

c.         Members:

            Communications:        Bert Wragg

Events:                                    Gilly Cross

Poppy Coordinator:    Sheila Gray

Welfare:                      Mary Myles and Tony Alcock

5.         Chairman’s Tasks.

  • Recruit 15 new members in Cotgrave.
  • Coordinate the CBOC Gatherings in Cotgrave Welfare.
  • Identify 2 Guest speakers, one for the Annual Dinner and one for the AGM.
  • Arrange to place the Standard in All Saints Church.
  • Arrange Remembrance Sunday parade in Cotgrave. Provide an instruction.
  • Arrange Remembrance Sundays in Colson Bassett and Owthorpe.
  • Write a newsletter twice each year, the first early in the new year and the second running up to the AGM.

6.         Secretary’s Tasks.

  • All secretarial work.
  • Provide the main conduit into CBOC from other organisations or individuals wishing involvement.
  • Arrange training for the cadet standard bearers.
  • Identify 2 replacement Standard Bearers.
  • With the Poppy Coordinator run the Poppy Appeal in Cotgrave involving as many members as possible.
  • Take over and maintain the database of members.

7.         Treasurer’s Tasks.

  • Maintain the accounts, present them for audit and present them to the AGM.
  • Maintain the RBL financial regulations and advise the committee on all financial matters.
  • Maximise interest on CBOC funds.
  • Act as banker for CBOC activities.
  • Encourage and where necessary arrange new members Direct Debits.
  • Acquire a mechanical method of counting funds raised during the Poppy Appeal.

8.         Communications Member’s Tasks.

  • Recruit 5 new members from Tythby, The Cropwells and Owthorpe.
  • Coordinate the CBOC Gatherings in the Martins Arms.
  • Provide and execute a communications strategy for external and internal communications.
  • Maintain a CBOC web site to inform those outside CBOC and retain those inside.
  • Identify communications outlets and utilise them to advertise CBOC. For example the Cotgrave web site and the All Saints ‘Cross’ magazine. Request ‘copy’ from members.
  • With the Events member plan, advertise, organise and run events.

9.         Events Member’s Tasks.

  • With the Communications member plan, advertise, organise and run events.
  • With the Chairman form and attend a sub committee to plan, advertise, organise and run the main fundraising event.
  • Plan, organise and advertise the Remembrance Sunday lunch.

10.       Poppy Coordinator’s Tasks.

  • Run all aspects of the Poppy Appeal forming a sub committee if required.
  • Involve 10 new CBOC members.
  • Incorporate the cadets.

11.       Welfare Members’ Tasks.

  • Increase liaison with the Medical Centre and Police.
  • Identify welfare cases in Cotgrave and the outlying villages.
  • Carry out welfare work in consultation with the remainder of the committee as necessary.

12.       Coordination.  The 2011 program will be coordinated through the CBOC Committee. One meeting will be held in Jan in order to ensure all understand the plan and ask for assistance as necessary. One meeting will be held in Sep to prepare the 2012 plan and coordinate effort for the AGM and Remembrance events. The Secretary will call members to meetings with as much notice as possible.




Colonel (Retired) T J LUDLAM OBE


CBOC Committee RBL


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