Spring 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the Colston Bassett, Owthorpe and Cotgrave Branch of The Royal British Legion






Chairman: Colonel (Retired) John Ludlam OBE

Trowell Stud, Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3PU

0115 9899094   


Dear Member,


You may remember that I added a paragraph to the Remembrance Sunday information letter in November last year. I invited you all to contact me with suggestions for the future and I am grateful to those who did. I write to you now to wish you all a Happy New Year and give you news of what your Branch is planning and hopes to achieve in 2010. While your committee will take the lead, success and enjoyment will depend on the participation of members. So please get your diaries out.


Committee.      We have slightly rebuilt the Committee that was elected at the AGM in October 2009. The Committee now looks like this:


President –       Gordon Gray               Poppy Appeal –            Sheila Gray

Chairman –      John Ludlam               Communications –        Bert Wragg

Secretary –       Bryan Tansley             Events –                       Gilly Cross

Treasurer –       Roy Evley                   Welfare x 2 -                Vacant


Strategy and Plan.         In fine military style we have agreed a Strategy to take us through to 2015 and a Plan to take us through 2010. The Strategy broadens slightly our past objectives, emphasising welfare, recruiting particularly in Cotgrave and liaison with surrounding veterans’ agencies. The plan for 2010 keeps the successful format of previous years with a full program of events. It also provides us with targets such as: Making greater use of e mail, setting up a Branch website, recruiting 20 new members, raising £1000 at our summer fund raising event and raising £2000 through the Poppy Appeal.  Good achievable targets for all of us to aim at.


Events.             Gilly Cross will be coordinating our program of events for 2010. The program has been discussed far and wide and now contains those events shown below. You will be provided with a separate ‘call in’ notice for each event.


Wednesday 17 March – Annual Dinner. This year we intend to go to the Vale of Belvoir Inn where we can have a private room and an excellent menu at a reasonable price. As a bonus Charles Hanson (BBC’s Bargain Hunt) has accepted our invitation give us a talk on antiques after dinner.


Saturday, 24 April – The Cadet 150 Concert. This being the 150th Anniversary of the Cadet Movement the Nottinghamshire cadet forces’ bands are getting together with the Cantamus choir at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham on 24 April. Although this event is not organised by the Branch I thought you might like to hear about it. We will ensure that you get the offer of purchasing tickets; the top of the range of which includes a reception before the event. Some of the profit will be donated to the RBL so double benefit to members.


Saturday 10 July – Barbeque Plus.         We are returning to the Colston Bassett Village Hall this year for our main fundraising event. We hope to build on previous years by adding a band and some side shows rather like the vicar’s garden party. We start talent spotting shortly.


Late September -  Reserve Training and Mobilisation Centre.     A weekday trip with lunch to the RTMC in Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell. This organisation prepares the volunteer reserves of all three Services to go on operations and facilitates their return after mobilisation.


Saturday, 16 October – Male Voice Choirs at the Royal Concert Hall.     On 16 Oct 7 Male Voice Choirs from the East Midlands are getting together with the band of the Blues and Royals to give a concert in the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.  Although this event is not organised by the Branch it will be raising funds for the RBL in Nottinghamshire and should be well worth attending


Monday 11 October – Branch Annual General Meeting. We will hold our usual AGM in Colston Bassett Village Hall in the evening. The AGM is essential but can be a little boring and so we will get guest speaker to add some spice.


Monday 1 November – Poppy Appeal.   Sheila Gray will be coordinating our contribution to the Poppy Appeal starting about 1 November. Last year was extremely successful and the Branch raised a splendid £2651. This year we aim to match that amount and in 2011, the 90th Anniversary of the Legion, we will aim even higher.


Sunday 14 November – Remembrance Sunday.  This year the Branch will support the service at Saint John the Devine Church in Colson Bassett. The Branch will also be represented at the services in Cotgrave and Owthorpe. After church we will lay on lunch somewhere nice.


I hope that this list has whet your appetite for a splendid year ahead. What can you do to help?


Communications.         Send an e mail to me ( or the Secretary ( and we will pick up your email address from that. We will then use email as the primary form of contact. If you don’t have an email address or would prefer not to receive correspondence by email don’t worry, we will continue to communicate with you through the Post.


Recruiting.       We are trying to recruit 20 new members each year for the next 5 years. While all new members will be most welcome we need the younger generation from Cotgrave. With a population of 7500 Cotgrave must have lots of potential members. Please help recruit them.


Events. Come along and enjoy them; bring friends; who knows they may join. Help out at the summer barbeque if asked to, we want at least 100 people at the Village Hall.


Poppy Appeal.  Help out with the Poppy Appeal. Shake a tin. Meet new people you never knew existed and take their money from them.


And finally my thanks to you all for continuing to be a member and supporting those in need. We have a great deal of expertise and talent amongst our members and any assistance you can offer to help us raise even more money are welcome any time. My contact details are at the top of the letter.


Yours Sincerely

John Ludlam

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