2016 AGM Minutes

Welcome to the Colston Bassett, Owthorpe and Cotgrave Branch of The Royal British Legion

Colston Bassett, Owthorpe & Cotgrave Branch


Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting held at the Lime Kiln, Cropwell Bishop on    13 October stating at 1830

1. Act of Remembrance

1.         The Chairman informed those present of the passing away of their President Gordon Gray at 6.30 this morning. He asked that they remember Gordon as well as Geoff Hannibal and Jean Barratt during the silence.

2.         The Branch Chairman spoke the exhortation.

2. Attendance

1.         Members. (48 CBOC, 2 GBD) Sheila Astill, Diane Bedford, Tom Bee, Michelle Bee, Lisa Bell, Roy Blowers, Linda Blowers, Stan Bolstridge, Maureen Bolstridge, Pam Brooks, Ray Brown, Richard Butler, Jon Carlton, Ina Chapman, Andrew Charlett (GBD), Chris Cockayne, Terry Davies, Don Gregory, Maureen Gregory, Sybil Griffiths, John Hallam, Rita Hallam, Russ Hamer, Penny Hamer, Kathy Hampson, Joyce Hannibal, Ann Hicks, Nancy Hodgkinson, Phil Hodgkinson, Sue Hodgkinson, Philip Holmes, Valerie Holmes, Ken Kirk (GBD), John Ludlam, Jacquie Ludlam, Suzi McCullough, Peter McLaughlin, Josie McGuirk, David Myles, Mary Myles, Freda Parrot, Brad Poulson, Adele Poulson, Jim Reeves, Ian Shaw, Jacky Shaw, Joyce Smith, Joan Strutt, Dennis Thomsen, David Walker.

2.         Apologies. (17)           Brenda Ainsley, Doug Billcliffe, Maureen Cockayne, Gilly Cross, Jacqui Fish, Nigel Ford, Wendy Ford, Jonathan Hicks, Marion Lanyon,  Jim McGuirk, Craig Moxham, Derek Pullinger, Avril Rust, Nic Travena, Pamela Travena, Margaret Wills, Bert Wragg.

3.         Guests. (7)       Mick Astill, Pam Brown, Heather Carlton, Joan Charlett, Chris Gill, Audrey McLaughlin, Thomsen Penny.

3. Introduction

1.         The Chairman, Col T J Ludlam OBE opened the meeting by welcoming all those present. In particular he welcomed those who had joined the branch since the AGM of 2015.

2.         The Chairman then presented RBL badges to: Diane Bedford, Kathy Hampson, Ann Hicks, Joan Strutt and David Walker

4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

1.         No comments or concerns were raised over the content of 2015 AGM minutes. Adoption of the minutes was proposed by Ian Shaw seconded by Pamela Brooks and approved by the meeting. The Chairman signed the minutes.

5. Matters Arising.

1.         There were no matters arising.


6. Chairman and Secretary's Report

1.         The Chairman outlined the autumn 2015 and spring and summer 2016 activities and a copy of his report is attached. He emphasised that 5 new members had joined the Branch but 7 had retired/resigned. He congratulated everyone on raising over £10,000 for the RBL during the 2015 calendar year.

7. Presentation and Adoption of Accounts

1.         A statement of branch accounts was briefed to members by the treasurer Josie McGuirk. A paper copy running to 9 pages was available to all. No matters were raised and acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Jon Carlton and seconded by Ann Hicks.

2.         The treasurer proposed the following donations be made by the Branch this year:

  • Poppy appeal. £1000.00.
  • Galanos House. £ 500.00.
  • Alderson House. £ 500.00.
  • County Welfare. £ 1000.00.

3.         The above donations were proposed by Jim Reeves, seconded by Mary Myles, and accepted by the meeting.

8. Elections

1.         President.        The passing of Lt Col Gray had left a gap as President. The CBOC committee would discuss the matter and appoint a new President at its Jan 2017 meeting.

2.         Committee.     There had been no offers to take up any of the committee posts. However the current committee members had agreed to stay on for a further year if elected. Josie McGuirk confirmed that 2017 would be her last year as Treasurer. The following officers and members were proposed:

Chairman. - Col T J Ludlam. Secretary. - Mr P McLaughlin. Treasurer. - Mrs J McGuirk. MBA. Welfare - Mr C Cockayne.  Events. - Mrs G Cross and Mr B Wragg. Poppy Appeal Coordinator. – Mr Ian Shaw

3.         Conference Delegates.            Col Ludlam was proposed as the Branch delegate to the County Annual Meeting and the RBL National Conference.

4.         All the elections above were proposed by Don Gregory, seconded by Russ Hamer and accepted by the meeting.

9. Presentation and Adoption of 2017 Branch Draft Plan

1.         This item was presented to the meeting by the chairman and a copy, which includes the proposed events list, is attached.  The plan would be finalised at the Committee meeting on 9 Jan 2017.

2.         The draft plan was proposed by Stan Bolstridge, seconded by Chris Cockayne and accepted by the meeting.

10. Remembrance

1.         It was agreed that the Branch would support this year’s poppy appeal and make every attempt to raise £9 K. Members would be asked to collect in Morrisons, Sainsburys, the Coop and on their street. Ian Shaw handed round a Collection Proforma for members to book their slot. He hoped to get assistance from Rotary, U3A and other non CBOC individuals.

2.         There would be three services on Sunday 8th November 2015, at which the Branch would be represented:

  • 8.45 am St. Margarets, Owthorpe.
  • 10.30 am All Saints, Cotgrave
  • 10.50 am  St. John the Divine, Colston Bassett

With the passing of Gordon Gray it would be necessary to look closely at how the Colston Bassett service would be run.

The Chairman encouraged all members to attend and those attending in Cotgrave to join the march to the church which would start from Cotgrave Welfare at 1000.

3.         There would be lunch afterwards at Blotts for members, families and friends. A call in e mail/letter would be issued shortly.

11. AOB

1.         Notices: The Chairman encourages members to attend and support the following event:

  • Christmas gathering and Quiz 15 Dec at the Rose and Crown tbc

12. Granby, Barnstone and District

1.         Andrew Charlett said that the sub Branch now has sufficient officers to return to ‘full branch’ status but not yet sufficient members. Recruiting would move forward this year with the aim of returning Granby, Barnstone and District to ‘full branch’ status within the next year.

13. Date of Next Meeting

1.         The next AGM would be held on Thursday 12 Oct 2017.


Signed as a true record Chairman …....................................................... dated.......................


Chairman and Secretary's Report for 2016.

2017 Branch Draft Plan.








1.         2015 an Excellent finish:

  • Poppy Appeal raised a total of £8448 against our target of £5000. This was our first year in Morrisons and we raised £2500 in just 4 days. Thanks to Mary Myles and her team who did very well in difficult circumstances.
  • A great turnout at the Remembrance Service and 67 members and friends attending lunch afterwards.

2.         2016 progress so far:


  • We now have 123 members. 2 less that at this time last year.
  • 6 new members joined this calendar year against a target of 5.
  • We have lost 7 members this year. 5 failed to renew membership when the payment method changed and sadly Geoff Hannibal and Jean Barratt passed away. Thank you those who attended the funerals.
  • I remain concerned that members who live in Colston Bassett are getting fewer and taking less of a part in our events. We must do something about it.


  • So far this year we raised a total of £1852 outside the Poppy Appeal, well on our way to our target of £2000.
  • This included: £736 at the Defence Dogs event, well done Bert Wragg and Gilly Cross and other helpers. The egg rolling at Easter which raised £350. £304 from the Tombola at the Cotgrave Festival, well done Peter McLaughlin, Audrey and team and those who gave prizes. Also well done Jacqui Ludlam for the excellent decorated wheelbarrow.
  • So since our last AGM we have raised over £10000 which is great.

Raising Awareness. We:

  • Attracted 90 people to a very successful Talk and Supper in Jul.
  • Supported the Cotgrave Festival in Jun which was visited by over 1000 people.
  • Presented on the RBL to all Cotgrave schools.
  • Provided various articles in The Cross and Cotgrave Connections.
  • Commemorated both the Battle of Jutland and The Somme with special church services.

Welfare.    We:

  • Referred some 3 cases to the Regional Welfare team as the RBL policy now demands.
  • Are working towards the new RBL Welfare Project which might give us a bit of our autonomy back.

Events.      We:                 

  • Organised and ran a very successful Spring supper with 50people attending and listened to a fascinating story told by Aron Fowler a young soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan.
  • Visited the Newark Air Museum where we got aboard a Shackleton which Ray Brown had piloted some years ago.
  • Had a super supper on the Trent. Very snug. Thank you Peter for organising it.
  • It was disappointing that the RAF Band couldn’t come and give us a concert this year. We will try again next year.
  • There would be two more events this year:
    • 13 Nov – Remembrance Day Lunch at Blotts
    • 15 Dec - Christmas Gathering and Quiz at The Rose and Crown tbc







2017 Draft Plan.          At their meeting on 26 Sep the Committee started to sketch out the draft Plan for 2017. The Plan will be finalised at the Committee meeting on 9 Jan 2017. The draft plan is as follows:

Membership.         The Branch is now 123 strong but the average age remains high and the number of ex-servicemen low. Anyone wishing to join the Branch will be welcome but the Branch recruiting effort will go towards recruiting 5 ex-servicemen/women under 60. We will also reengage with members in Colston Bassett.

Remembrance.      As in the past CBOC will play a full part in the Remembrance period and attempt to raise for the Poppy Appeal as much as in the previous year.

Fund Raising.       

Non Poppy.           CBOC will aim to surpass a target of £2000 from events shown below. Good ideas are always welcome as is actual help.

Poppy.                   Target of £10,000. Lots of member involvement.

Events.      The draft program is as follows:

  • 18 Feb Sat – Branch Spring Meeting at Notts G & CC or Blotts.
  • 23 Mar Thur –. Meeting and Supper at Lime Kiln.
  • 16 Apr Easter Sun – Support Martins Arms Easter Egg Rolling.
  • ?? Sat - Poppy Ball at the ??.
  • 29 Apr Sat (tbc) – Belvoir Vale Wassailors Concert.
  • ?? May/Jun Thur – WW1 Battlefield visit (Passchendaele?)
  • ?? May/Jun – Supper on the Trent
  • 17 Jun Sat – Tombola Stand at the Cotgrave Festival.
  • 15 Jul Sat – Talk and Supper. Main Fundraising Event.
  • TBD Sep/Oct Sat – RAF Band Concert in All Saints Church.
  • 12 Oct Thur – AGM and supper at the Lime Kiln.
  • 21 Oct Sat – Poppy Launch.
  • 21 Oct to 11 Nov – Poppy Collection.
  • 12 Nov Sun - Remembrance Sunday and Lunch. Location tbd.
  • 14 Dec Thur – Christmas Gathering and supper.

Welfare.    Continue to seek out those eligible and in need and help them to receive assistance under the new RBL (and hopefully Branch) systems.

CBOC Great War Project.            Continue to research the names on the war memorials and develop the web site. Particularly in Colston Bassett.

Poppy Appeal       Continue to strive to collect more money than in 2016. All members to help.

Granby Barnstone and District.    Help GBD to return to full Branch status.

IT  Develop our use of IT by using Office 365 and refresh and develop our CBOC web site and CBOC GWP web site. Introduce a FACEBOOK page and TWITTER feed.

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