RBL Legionnaires v International Legends

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Royal British Legionnaires v International Legends

Saturday 14th October, 2017 was the date when Cinderford RBL had a member play in this prestigious game at the Honorable Artillery Company Grounds, in London. Robert Smith son of Vice Chairman Tony Smith took the field to raise money for veterans to return to Monte Casino, where in 1944, four major assaults saw 55.000 Allied and 20,000 German casualties.


Pictured above - Robert Smith

We had helped raise the £500 needed for a player to take part, and the event together with another match, raised £42,000 to date for the veterans to return, together with the support staff each one now needs.


The Legion lost 42 to 21, but the international legends found that it was no pushover. All the legion representatives were amateur rugby players from around the country. Robert, sporting number 27, in a specially produced Legion rugby kit, is pictured below. A good game and good result for all concerned.

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