Byfield & District RBL is RECRUITING - NOW! To JOIN US please use the following digital link


youngsters, see later herein (just scroll-down)...


NOTE: Via the "selfservice - admember" Web link above, payment options are DD, Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.                                               IF YOU WISH TO PAY BY CHEQUE please contact Terry Hoyle, 01327 260093 or 07879 698928 or for a hard copy application form OR, come to one of our meetings and we'll arrange it then and there.


GOT A QUESTION? Don't want to contact us directly? (dunno why not) Then go to FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) about joining us.

2020 was a washout for recruiting. the previous year we had added more Members than in previoius years simply because we met more people face to face. That was because of our attendance at fêtes and festivals around our District. In 2020 of course, we were unable to do that because of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2019 we abandoned the poster idea and created banners to describe "Where the money goes", as part of our new push for new recruits through our attending local Fêtes and Festivals around our District...


We started our 1918 Recruiting Campaign in May, with the poster shown below...

   2018 Poster Now You See Us

e.g. for perusing whilst waiting for a bus...

2018 Poster Up 

And one for displaying in our vehicles...   

2018 Poster SMALL

Byfield RBL Poster In Car

Posters are available in A2, A4 and "small" sizes - please call Terry on 01327 260093 if you want one.

The poster used the year before is shown Below - 2017's poster outside Hellidon Village Hall 

Hellidon VH
Byfield RBL Poster 2017 (1)

AND REMEMBER: There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

If a Member recruits a new Member, we'll buy you a lunch at one of our "social gatherings"... Steak & A Pint

Please come and join us, we need YOUR support.

YOUR ONLY COMMITMENT is your annual subscription, (currently thirty three pence a week), which, apart from supporting a really good cause, gets you a quarterly magazine telling you what's happening in the RBL around the country. BUT that also allows you to attend our meetings, events and trips out whenever you wish, visit RBL Branches anywhere, and join-in our fund raising activities.

AND REMEMBER, all are welcome, men and women are Members of our Branch and there's no age restriction; also you do not have to have been in the Services to join the Royal British Legion...

To Join please use the following digital link (or contact one of us)

We also welcome youngsters between the ages of 12-18 for free i.e., there's no annual fee to pay! All we need for you to join us is a completed application form and a letter from your parent or guardian agreeing to you becoming an RBL Youth Member. See:


Prior to that, the 2016 Byfield & District RBL Recruiting Poster was...

Byfield RBL poster updated

For more information contact any of our boys through our Branch Information page herein - you will be made very welcome.

Byfield PC Notice Board By Shop

Byfield Shop & PO

 Above - Outside Byfield Stores & Post Office

Byfield RBL A3 Poster In Window

Above - an RBL member's kitchen window facing the street

Hellidon Lakes ' 'Reflections'

Above - Hellidon Lakes Hotel "Reflections" gym


E TRY, try, and try again...

Below you can see The Team manning the County Gazebo in the rain at the 2016 Byfield Festival.

The RBL Team At Byfielkd Festival 2016


As with most organisations these days, subscription payments are preferred via Direct Debit. However if you do not wish to raise a DD, you can renew your sub by credit/debit card or PayPal "on line" via the following link:

OR by cheque if you contact one of us

To join digitally please use this link: 

However youngsters have to do it the old way because signed parental permission is required.

OR, come to one of our meetings and we'll arrange it then and there.

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