January '19

January '19

Minutes of the Branch Meeting held on 7th January 2019 In Byfield Village Hall

A. CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKS: Russ welcomed the 1st Byfield Scout Group who were present to talk about their visit to Kenya. In anticipation of a wider audience (a couple of dozen turned-up), Byfield’s main Village Hall was used for this meeting, with our Branch Meeting taking place after the main event, which was as follows:

A.1 Scout’s Talk: Skip Sally led us through a slide presentation of the 1st Byfield Scouts’ visit to Kenya last October. The scouts themselves spoke about a number of the slides, explaining their journey there, visiting the slums and many of the activities they took part in or helped with: gardening, redecorating, playing football. They also visited Paxtu (the final home and resting place of Baden Powell) and a game park where they were very close to many wild animals. A fascinating talk. For a full report see:

A.2 After thanking the Scouts, and giving them and others the opportunity to leave or stay, Russ then opened the Branch Meeting.

B. MATTERS ARISING from previous Meeting’s Minutes:

B.1 Laying Up of Standards: Russ followed up on the Resolution passed at the last Annual Conference that Branches amalgamating with another should be allowed to continue to use their Standards. He has been advised by County that this was not agreed to by the Trustees. As he explained at our December meeting (item A.2), any motion that is passed at the Annual Conference has then to be approved by the Trustees before it can be implemented.

B.2 Our NZ Twin Templeton RSA: There has been no further communication from them recently.

B.3 GP90 Video: Russ explained that this is available for Members to watch if required. It runs for 20 minutes. The video is available in DVD form on application to our Secretary however it can also be viewed on You Tube via this link:

B.4 RBL Riders’ Branch - Galanos House Christmas Present Run: Russ thanked everyone who contributed presents for this event, and the five Members who attended, especially Aslan on another of his vintage motorcycles. They were shown around the house, which Terry commented ‘is well worth a visit’ and even “something to look forward to"!


C.1 GP90 Certificate: A revised GP90 Certificate had been received, the revision being the correction of the signatories names.

C.2 Battle Back Centre: Russ advised that he had received a Christmas Card from the Battle Back Centre

C.3 Alan Kirton: Russ had been advised of the funeral of Alan Kirton, brother of Barrie Kirton, our Branch’s previous Chairman and Secretary. Alan Had been an active member of the Braunston Branch. His funeral will be held on 9th January, with Russ, Alan B and Les Jones attending.  

C.4 Buck Brass Concert: Richard Buck would be holding a concert on 6th January in the holy Cross church, where the retiring collection would be in aid of the Branch.

C.5 Armed Forces Covenant Trust: We have been thanked for submitting a report of our Centennial event on 11th November some of which might be incorporated into their report to be published on their web site ‘early in 2019.The meeting established that Russ holds one of the silhouettes, and Alan the remaining four.

D FINANCE: The current position is healthy. For figures, see the directly circulated copies of these Minutes.

E. POPPY APPEAL: John reported that the total collected to date is £12,532.74 an exceptional year.

F. WELFARE: There have been no visits made during the last month.

G. MEMBERSHIP: Terry reported that there are two known ‘courtships’ which may materialise into Membership, one via John the other Vernon. This year's recruiting drive will rely on face to face contact. In addition, Terry has contacted each Parish Council for dates of their 2018 Fetes where we should try for a presence. Known dates so far: Aston-le-Walls 22nd June, Woodford Regatta Friday 28th June, Eydon, probably 7th September.

H. ANY OTHER BUSINESS? Nothing else was raised for discussi.


Committee: Wednesday 30th January 2019 10.30 am at Russ's place.

Pub Lunch: Wednesday 30th January 2019 in The Cross Tree, Byfield.

Branch Meeting: Tuesday 5th February in Aston-le-Walls Village Hall, 8pm. Bring your own refreshments. There will be a Speaker - Richard Woodcock on ‘The Cuban Revolution

Flag Flying Days January/February

9th January - Birthday Duchess of Cambridge                                                   

20th January -  Birthday Countess of Wessex

6th February - Her Majesty’s Accession

19th February -  Birthday Duke of York


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