June '16

June '16

Minutes of the Branch Meeting held on 6th June 2016 in the Woodford Halse Memorial Hall


Russ welcomed our Speaker Sandy Pattenden who would talk about ‘The Break Up of Yugoslavia’ later this meeting. He also commented that this meeting was “away from base” to further our policy of getting around our District. 


B.1 Eydon Branch Amalgamation: Alan W agreed to let Russ have the email addresses of those members who wished to be on the distribution list for any RBL correspondence, and conversely the names of those who do not. A précis of the Minutes of each meeting was of course available to all via our Web site.

B.2 Recruitment Poster: The poster campaign had been in progress for four months but we are still looking for new sites to display more posters.

B.3 Outing 12th May: Russ explained that the visit to the RAF Cosford Museum with Vernon and Alan went very well, thanks to a very knowledgeable guide; a report and photos of the event are on our Web site, see the Events Past sub page of our News & Events page.    

B.4 Rose Plaque in Memory of Ken: The correct plaque had now been made and would be handed to Barbara to arrange for it be positioned with the rose bush in Nina’s garden. 

B.5 Women’s Section: Alison Hurst explained that there was still no clear understanding of what the plans were for disbursement of their funds. Russ said that Aylesford had not been officially notified that they wished to close. However John Russell said he had been advised that they did not require a Wreath this year. 

B.6 Donation to the Battle Back Centre: The idea of making a further donation to the Battle Back Centre was discussed. Alan explained that the accounts position was healthy and would allow us to do that. John therefore proposed that we donate another £500, that was seconded by Terry and agreed by all.         


C.1 Branch Financial Statement: Alan explained that there had been no transactions during May, with the current figures being detailed to the meeting.

C.2 Membership Update: Russ explained that the Membership List had been updated with those lapsed members being deleted. Membership is 60 in total, with 59 paying members and one Life Member.      

C.3 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme: A number of activities will be taking place between now and 18th November. If members wish to know more they should contact Alan for details: the Legion will lead midday acts of Remembrance at the Thiepval Memorial in northern France, while a calendar of events at the National Memorial Arboretum will include daily services, a replica of the trenches and a participative art installation. On the 18th November a Sunset service both at Thiepval and the National Memorial Arboretum will bring the Somme Commemorations to a close. 


D.1 John reported that the Poppy Appeal total remained as reported at last month’s meeting: £9,265.57 excluding Gift Aid. He also reported that he has still heard nothing about his official documentation. Alan explained he had raised this at the recent Group 4 meeting with the County Chairman who apologised that the matter was in his own hands – he said that the County PAO was in such poor health that he was effectively inactive, and that it was now for him to find a replacement. 

D.2 John explained that the question of which County should be credited with Eydon’s Poppy Appeal sum arose because of Eydon’s proximity to Oxfordshire, this had yet to be resolved. 


E.1 Russ said he had received a message from Sam J, secretary of the Towcester Branch, about an upcoming event in their district. Quote…

“You may be interested to know that Towcester Studio Band and Brackley Band are holding a joint concert at the Ugland Auditorium at Stowe School on Saturday 25th June. As you know this is Armed Forces Day and as such they will be sharing the proceeds of the event with the Army Benevolent Fund – the Soldiers Charity. The concert starts at 7pm and is ticket only. These can be purchased directly from / 07525 912069 or via Arts at Stowe website or from the box office on 01280 825710. The ticket prices are £12 adults and £10 concessions.” Unquote. 

E.2 Alan reported very briefly from the Group 4 meeting held on 1st June. 

E.2.1 One of the motions carried at the Annual Conference was to add a Branch vetting stage in the process of members who wish to join on line. This was proposed by the Northern Ireland people – you can understand why, but we believe all branches will benefit.

E.2.2 The Band Concert will be held in Daventry on 10th December. On being asked if the Byfield ladies could handle the refreshments again, Alan declined on their behalf. 

E.2.3 Towcester Branch will be having a talk by one Peter Stratton on ‘Early Northamptonshire Railways’ towards the beginning of 2017, which I believe could be interesting to some of our Branch Members. 

E.2.4 Greens Norton Branch will be dedicating their new Standard at the church of St Bartholomew in Greens Norton on 18th September, at which other Branch Standards in the County will be invited to participate. 

E.3 Terry asked for comments from Members about the Branch Website and requested more input from Members. Subsequently Jeremy W has submitted an article about his father during the battle of The Somme, and afterwards, which is now on our Web site. 

F. SPEAKERS Russ explained  we had three speakers booked for the Autumn: 

5th September  Andy Tennet  ‘My father’s Journey throughWW2’

7th November  Margie Baldwin  ‘The 20 kg Package’

5th December  Garth Barnard  ‘Local WW2 Airfields’.

F.1 Sandy Pattenden then gave a most interesting talk on ‘The Break Up of Yugoslavia’

G. Flag Flying Days    June 10th Duke of Edinburgh’s Birthday

                                  June 11th Queen’s Official Birthday

                                  June 25th Armed Forces Day   

The next Byfield RBL meeting will be in Byfield Village Hall’s Lower Annex on the 4th of July.


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