December '15

December '15

Minutes of the RBL Branch Meeting 7th December 2015

Lower Annexe, Byfield Village Hall


Russ explained that we now had an active Web site and encouraged all to view it, comment, criticise and provide items, stories, photographs, news and views to keep it current, interesting and valid.


B.1. Eydon Branch: Official wheels rotate slowly and we have yet to be authorised to formally receive Members from Eydon, Culworth, Moreton Pinkney and those in between into our District. However in this limbo period, those Members are welcome to participate in anything happening in the Byfield & District Branch.

B2. Recruitment Poster: See the Recruitment page of this Web site. We really need new Members and whilst all are welcome, younger people are the target of this campaign (hence this Web site).It was agreed that at least one poster would be placed in each village; Poster printing and distribution is under-way.

B2.1. We also hope to have a link to this Web site placed on each Parish Council (and any other relevant) Web site.

B3. Quiz: As will be seen from the Events page of this Web site, quiz attendance was down this year. Next year we must do a better job of advertising the fact that it’s “on”, where and when.

B3.1. Barbara of The Womans’ Section had announced that with regret this was to be her last occasion preparing bacon butties at our annual quiz. Barbara has served us well over many years and will be missed; she has our thanks for all her work to date.

B4. Christmas Dinner: Yet to take place when this meeting was held but we can I think safely report it turned out to be a successful “do”. Please see the Events section of this Web site for a write-up.

B5. Group 4 Meeting: “Group 4” of Northants RBL refers to the area covering west Northamptonshire. It is a quarterly gathering of the nine Branches within that area to report on their activities to each other, offer advice when difficulties are being experienced and interchange ideas for fundraising and visits. The latest Group 4 meeting did not throw-up anything of particular interest to Byfield about which a report is warranted here.

C.  FINANCE: Our Treasurer, Alan reported Branch Finances, as at the end of November were healthy.

D.  POPPY APPEAL: Another excellent year; thanks to all who participated and particularly those who donated. Please see the Poppy Appeal Section of this Web site for details. 

E. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: We need to begin considering what outings we would like to arrange for Members in 2016. A number of potential venues for visits were discussed, including: RAF Cosford, Cotswolds’ Motor Museum, Gaydon Motor Museum, The Harrington Carpet Bagger Museum and the Carlsberg Brewery. Russ agreed to examine these and propose one for April or May.

F. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 4th January 2016, 2000hrs Byfield Village Hall lower annex. Assemble beforehand in The Cross Tree, Byfield.


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