Thomas Pridmore

Thomas Pridmore

Thomas Chesterfield Pridmore

Died on 28th March 1918

Served with the Cheshire Regiment

Thomas 2

Thomas walked with a couple of friends and his brother Charles to the nearest town to join up on the day the war started and he eventually died on Thursday, March the 28th, 1918. He served in the Cheshire Regiment (Bantam) which was specially formed to take the men who were too small to join the normal army. Most of them were miners, but Thomas' family were butchers and he had worked in the shop and on the farm before joining up. He was the second son of Lois and James Edward Pridmore of Glinton. He is commemorated on the walls around the cemetery in Poziers near Albert on the Somme. He has no grave. His nephew, the son of brother Charles Edward, said he has seen a photograph of his Uncle Thomas butchering a sheep and as well as that he was somewhat of a photographer and artist. He was from an artistic family.  Kate has seen paintings done by his mother and also has paintings done by her father and grandmother. 

Thomas 1

Information about Thomas from the CWGC

For a fascinating insight into the 15th BN The Cheshire Regiment and what happened to them during during the second Battle Of The Somme in March 1918 when Thomas died, the 3rd Parachute Memorial Association compiled a document for the family.  This document can be viewed by clicking on the following links;

Cover Page - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5

Submitted by: Catherine Curtis (Niece)

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