Charles Pridmore

Charles Pridmore

Charles Edward Pridmore

Charles 1

Charles Edward Pridmore joined up with his brother Thomas on the first day of WW1.  During the war he was gassed.  This came about because it had been raining during a gas attack some time before Charles and the other men arrived and whilst there the rain stopped, the sun came out and unbeknown to them as the puddles started to dry the gas rose so they got gassed.  They didn't have gas masks on and Charles was a hero as he told all his men to cover their faces and close their eyes while he led them to safety. This made him blind.  Charles eventually recovered from the blindness but the gas 'rotted' his lungs and he was an invalid until his death in 1941. 

His daughter said the first thing he insisted on when the second war was going to start was that they must have a gas-proof room.  Being from a family of butchers he built this in the slaughter house which was in the yard.

Submitted by: Catherine Curtis (Niece)

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