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Poppy People

Anyone interested in helping in the next Poppy Appeal should contact our Poppy Appeal Coordinator, April Porter, on 01793-618748, or John Perrett, at Chiseldon. 

2014 Poppy Appeal Update

Due to some generous donations and the Riders Branch collection at Waitrose, which raised £7,375.05, the total so far is £13.677.74. 

A big thank you must go out to the wonderful people who went house-to-house and the ones that stood on a damp and chilly day collecting on the streets. 

Thank you must also go to Councillor Paul Hurst, Chair of Wroughton Parish Council, who thought up the idea for the Poppy Trail which raised £2160.00 and for those people who purchased them, what a fantastic idea.

If you feel you would like to help, then please do contact me, whether it be to deliver or collect the Poppy boxes or give up one hour to collect on the streets, all help will be gratefully accepted.

April Porter, Poppy Appeal Organiser for Wroughton, 01793-618748.

[04 Feb 2015] 

2013/2014 Poppy Appeal Figures

Update received from Liz Derbyshire:

The present total to date [14 January 2014] has risen to £4527.86, which is £208 up on the same time last year. So there is still time to raise even more before the Appeal 'books' close on 30th September 2014.

Again, Let's all try our hardest!

2012/2013 Poppy Appeal Figures

Update just received [03 February 2013] from Liz Derbyshire:

The amount collected to date is £4340.29, which, although down on last year, is still an excellent start!  Given that the Appeal closes on 30th September 2013, there's still plenty of time to raise more funds.  Let's all try our hardest!

2011 Poppy Appeal Figures

Update just received [02 October 2012] from Liz Derbyshire:

After a collection from the year round Poppy boxes in the pubs last week, the final total banked for the 2011 Poppy Appeal amounted to £5637.28 which is some £347 up on last year!

So, 'Well Done!' to all the loyal volunteers, and a big 'Thank You!' to the People of Wroughton for their continued support and generosity.

2010 Poppy Appeal Figures

Wroughton Poppy collectors have again improved on the Poppy Appeal total.

The total for the 2010 Poppy Appeal stands at £5026.43p, so are £1489.11p up on the 2009 total of £3537.32p which is really great.

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