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The Poppy Appeal in Woodmancote & District

The Legion is funding new initiatives aimed at supporting the Afghanistan generation of the Armed Forces.





  1. The Legion has committed £25 million to the Personnel Recovery Centres, including £12 million to The Battle Back Centre Lilleshall, a facility being built to enhance the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, which will become a national centre of excellence for adaptive sport and adventure training with the military at its core.
  2. The Legion spends over £200,000 a day on providing welfare and support for our Armed Forces.
  3. The Legion's campaigns have resulted in more than £12 million in increased compensation paid to our most seriously injured Service personnel.
  4. The Independent Inquest Advice Service is a new service launched to help provide free, independent expert legal advice and assistance to bereaved Armed Forces families through the inquest process.

Those serving in Afghanistan can ask The Legion for support - today and for the rest of their lives.

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Since 2003 the Legion has helped more than 10,000 Serving, ex-Service and family members who are part of the Afghan and Iraq generation.

The Legion represents more than one-third of the appeals that have been lodged for higher compensation by British Armed Forces wounded in Afghanistan.

The Legion provides £1.8 million for Combat Stress to provide treatment for mental health outreach services for those affected by conflict

The Legion steps in to provide housing, employment, and financial assistance to those who have served in Afghanistan.

The Legion is the UK's most effective campaigner on behalf of the Armed Forces Family

Personnel Recovery Centres:

  • The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the MoD, is funding the operation of four Personnel Recovery Centres.


  • The PRCs will provide residential accommodation for Service personnel undergoing recovery and also run tailored programmes to assist them in their rehabilitation and return to duty or smooth transition to civilian life.


  • PRCs will be located within existing garrison locations and will make use of garrison facilities such as medical services, recreation and education centres.


  • We have now committed £25m over 10 years into the MoD's 'recovery capability' for injured Service personnel. The Legion will provide for the operation of four PRCs and will build, equip and operate a Battle Back Challenge Centre for adaptive sports and adventure training.

The Royal British Legion Battle Back Challenge Centre:

  • Built and operated through partnership between the MoD and The Royal British Legion, this centre will provide rehabilitation for Service personnel through adaptive sport and adventure training.
  • It's forms part of an overall recovery strategy which includes the Personnel Recovery Centre programme (also supported by the Legion) and aims to help seriously injured personnel to focus on what they can, rather than what they cannot, achieve.

Independent Inquest Advice Service:

  • This new service to help bereaved Armed Forces families through the inquest process provides free, independent and expert legal advice and assistance.
  • This confidential and professional service is free and available throughout the UK to the bereaved families of all Service personnel, and reservists on active Service. Advice and support are provided by our experienced solicitors at all stages of the investigation into operational and non-operational deaths.

Be the Boss:

  • This new service is aimed at supporting recent UK Service leavers to plan, fund and grow their own small businesses through the administration of £5m in grants and loans.
  • Funded by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, it will be run in association with the Legion's employment and training portal, Civvy Street.


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