Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Windlesham


The 2019 Poppy Appeal has been something of a learning experience for your Interim Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) this year. I had not underestimated the outstanding job that Andrew Hill, the previous PAO, had been quietly doing each year for the past however long. However, I was quickly discovering how much was involved and how much preparation, coordination and organisation was needed. To complicate things further this year, we took on responsibility for organising Poppy collecting in Lightwater after Gill Price, the Lightwater PAO had retired.

To give you a sense for the scale of the task, the Branch now organises

the collection or distribution of over 120 tins and trays to house to house collectors and static points around the area. And, once the appeal is over,

the same number need recovering, opening and the contents counting and the cash banking. Each tin is numbered and these numbers have to be recorded. The contents of each tin are counted separately and the amount recorded so that the collector can be informed
of the amount raised from their efforts.

It has been a big team effort and special thanks must go to Jacqui Wyles, who has organised the poppy trays and carefully recorded the numbers on the tins and who they were distributed to. Richard and Danuta and James Randall have been a great help in distributing tins and trays to pubs, shops and restaurants all over the villages and Mike and Jean have been holed up in their newly refurbished kitchen counting the money. Probably not the christening that they had in mind for her new worktops!

Of course, we wish Andrew a speedy and complete recovery but if he is not fit enough again when November comes around next year, are there any volunteers for the post of PAO - please?

Tim Beckh


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