Molly Somerville

Welcome to the Whitehead Branch of The Royal British Legion

Molly is an 11 year old girl who attends Carrickfergus Grammer School and lives in Whitehead Co Antrim. Please take a moment to read her poem.


War in France-Field of Flanders

In frontof the army I stood proud and tall

There were some wishing there was no war at all

Within ten weeks of training they knew what to do

But no one expected the enemy's moves.


The enemy came,the field of flanders stood still

Around them was poppies,but no farm nor mill

The leader was on a big white horse

And the direction it faced was its course.


He blew his horn and so did I

And in the first minute 100 people died

One by one our soldiers fell

And were scattered pell-mell.


Out of the distance,in the corner of my eye

Reinforcements were galloping, shouting a battle cry

In my head I shouted,hooray

Maybe this wasn't such a bad day.


Suddenly a yell came,"we won !"

And of all enemies, we were number one

France was free , Belgium was free

And this is what I say,"peace I decree!"



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