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A selection of photos from events held by Upminster and Cranham Branch are available below.

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Stand -B-Graham  Standard Bearer Mr G Ward


Jim -90    Img 011    Jim -B-Cakes

A surprise gathering of family, friends, serving and ex service colleagues from all around country, marked Jims 90th birthday on 23rd November 2014. With military vechicle and Para personnel displaying present battle equipment of today were in attendance.

Jim joined the Army in 1941 aged 16 after persuading the sergeant at Romford Army recruitment office that he was 18. In August 1942 he volunteered for the Paras and joined 4th Parachute batlalion part of 2nd Parachute Brigade. 



 BLOOD SWEPT LANDS AND SEAS OF RED - Images from Tower of London 2014

An Installation by ceramic artist Paul Cummins  - Setting by stage designer Tom Piper -5th August - 11th November 2014.

Poppy -1 Poppy -2 Poppy -3

Tower -poppy T-Single -Poppy Poppy -sun

UPMINSTER WAR MEMORIAL - Lights Out 4th August 2014

One Million Candles to Remember 

Lights -out Lights -out -2 Light -3

Oglethorpe School Collage 2014


Remembrance Day Parade 10 November 2013

10th -Nov RBL-REM-Day Nov -10th -2013
Also see video at bottom of page

Oglethorpe School Collage 2013        War Memorial November 2013

Oglethorpe -School                        War -Memorial

Veterans of War Poppy Appeal cheque presentation 2013

Vets -Poppy

Branch Standard Bearer with the 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles at Armed Forces Fun Day at the Plough, Cranham on 28th June 2014.

Standard ---Ghurka  Ghurka -Piper  Par -Ghurka

GHurka -Salute  Ghruka ---Plough