We Remember You

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We Remember You

It's that time of year when we Remember the Few

In the Battle of Britain they gave for me and for you

And Bomber's Boys, nights before they would dance,

Then against German fighters they stood never stood a chance


With death and destruction on every Mission they flew

Whether in rickety old Bombers or old Fighters they knew

And yet all of them went up never questioning their fate

Across open skies where the Hun laid in wait

If they went in a oner it would lessen the pain,

But many burned in such agony again and again

Trapped in their planes and unable to get out

With no-one to help them no matter how loud they would shout

We Remember You

And to those on the ground, against a formidable Foe

In the War to end Wars up and over they did go

Out of their trenches never questioning their fate

To cross open ground where the Hun laid in wait

Cut down in their prime in hails of hot lead

So many of them - boys and men just laying there dead

Now buried in fields near to where they did lay

In Commonwealth Graves where they remain until today

We Remember You

And to those on the sea the hardened and brave

Who rode through the storm and battled every wave

To supply our small Isle with the stores that we'd need

To prevent this Great Britain falling down on its knees

They knew there were risks but never thought again 

Many of their lives would never be the same 

Scared beyond belief and never questioning their fate

Across open seas where the Hun laid in wait

To bomb them and sink them to a watery grave

Thousands of lives, so many they gave

Injured and drowning in a heavy oily seas

Miles from shore and the help they did need

We Remember You

There've been Wars that are won, and Wars to end Wars

We should never have again had to defend at our shores

With lessons not learnt, and more bloodshed in vain

Death and destruction is happening all over again

Whether shot from the air, or in hails of lead

Or sunk on the seas, so many are dead

Giving everything they had to protect you and I

On the land, on the sea and up in the sky

So now we stand still silently bowing down our head

Thinking of the sacrifice, showing respect for our dead

So brave are our Fallen who put their tomorrow's aside

Now we wear our Red Poppy and wear it with Pride

We will Remember Them


Author: Steve Lewis

07 October 2012





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