Armistice 2010

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Armistice 2010

In 1914 all
was not well, A War of atrocity - the War from Hell

Off they
Marched with Pride Boys and Men, Many of them would never be seen again

peaceful homes were miles away, from where they kept the Hun at bay

In deep dug
ditches they called a trench, muddy and wet with a deadly stench

Protection from
the bullets that did fly, fired from the enemy on the other side

For our
Brave the wait was over, when the whistles did blow, up the ladders and over
the top they did go,

their Leaders with Courage and Might, to the enemy posts they took the fight

forward they ran, but not for long, as the enemy machine guns suddenly burst
into song

Cutting them
to ribbons in hails of hot lead, now lay Fathers and Sons - stone cold dead

And what was
it for - 50 yards of flat, open ground, what's the point of that?

One that was
raped, tortured and bare, battered and broken with death in the air

A sea of mud
in brown and not blue, where against all odds the Poppies grew

Year on year
the Soldiers symbol of hope, inspirational thoughts "Flanders Fields" McCrae

As I wrote
my poem, I hope and I pray, you Forget not the tomorrows given for your Today

At 11 in
Silence you know what it's for, Stand Shoulder to Shoulder and Remember Them Forever

                                     Written by: Steve Lewis (Chairman)

                                         Torpoint & District Branch

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