poppy field


On the 23rd Jan The Annual Poppy Awards were held in Sudbury Snooker Club. 

It is a time to show our appreciation to all the wonderful people who give up their time to collect for this worthwhile cause. 

The night began with The Kohima and Exhortation, followed by prayers delivered by Cheryl.  

Awards were presented this year to the following:

Branch Certificates of Appreciation:

Ormiston Sudbury Academy; Delphi Outdoor Car Park Dance Officers; Teresa Elford; Aldi; Roys; Sainsburys; Tesco

Waitrose; CO-OP The Drift GT Cornard; Underwoods Spar Garage; North Street Tavern; Bay Horse; Barrett Lee Shop 

5 Year Certificates of Appreciation for The Poppy Appeal:

Bernie Clampin; Sharon Fisher; Jack Owen; Diana Vaughan

10 Year Certificates of Appreciation for The Poppy Appeal:

Lisa Bartholomew; Leslie Cremer; Peter Hart; Karen Prentice; Jeremy Thatcher; William Wall

15 year Certificate of Appreciation for the Poppy Appeal & tie tac:

Graeme Gumble

 20 Year Badge For The Poppy Appeal:

Joan Gilbertson; Michael Marsh; Peter Webb

25 Year "For Merit" Award For The Poppy Appeal

Len Manning

30 Year Brooch for The Poppy Appeal

Irene Harding-Payne

Poppy Appeal Donation

A cheque for £934.50 was also presented to the poppy appeal raised on the 100 year RBL Commemoration Meal. Many thanks to everyone who attended the evening and the kind donations to the local Sudbury businesses who donated prizes for the night.