Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal in Stamford

Can I introduce you all to Clare Morley. Over the past three years Clare has run the London Marathon 2017, and the Great Northern Run 2018 when she raised £3,600 for the Royal British Legion. This year Clare is running the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7th April. This time she is running for the Stamford Poppy Appeal. Clare has a just giving page and if you want to sponsor her please visit it, read her story and make your donation. Clare has already raised £400 making her total up to £4,000 and is hoping to make more with the generosity of people who visit her site. If you cannot sponsor her through Just Giving then a donation can be sent via me for this worthwhile cause and also for Clare’s effort in running this( better her than me)
Clare also helps with Waitrose along with her friend Helen.
Thank you Clare for all that you do it is very much appreciated and we hope you enjoy your run!


You can find her JustGiving page here:














We need money to carry out our objectives and fundraising is therefore a primary function of the Legion. This includes running the annual Poppy Appeal in Stamford.

Last year we collected £35,288.35 from the generous people of Stamford and this year, we've already on a fantastic £38,673.85. We use this money, through a national and county network of volunteers and staff, to identify and deal with cases of need.

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Where your donations to the Poppy Appeal were spent between 1 October 2012 and 10 July 2013

£469,628 was spent during the above period on Service and ex-Service beneficiaries of all ages in Lincolnshire, many of whom were young ex-Servicemen who had served on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Details of some of the items of Expenditure are shown below:

Category of large spend




Mobility including EPVs £90,391 £115,700 £25,309
Riser/recliner & electric beds £84,349 £110,698 £26,349
Household goods (brown/white)  £42,865 £70,539 £27,674
Housing (damages & arrears; deposits & charges; removals & epenses, rent; repairs & maintenance) £53,344 £68,994 £15,650
Training £18,118 £22,533 £4,415
Debt (priority) £10,515 £20,807 £10,292
Debt (bankruptcy) £10,045 £13,720 £3,675
Funerals - £13,135 -
Essential food & groceries £6,711 £9,455 £2,744

Poppy People

We need and use every penny we can get, which is why we need to exert all our efforts during each poppy Appeal. There is literally a fund of goodwill in Stamford to be tapped; do help us to collect it. We know what discomforts and aches and pains our collectors go through - knocking on endless doors or standing in the cold and rain on a street corner, feeling wet and invisible as they hopefully extend a collecting box. They are our real troopers. Standing in a supermarket is at least dry, but those November breezes can still take you off at the knees. But it is all in a wonderful cause.


So, if you can spare a couple of hours, do please contact our Branch Secretary, Pat Savory. We need all kind of volunteers - door-to-door collectors, street collectors, and especially collectors in supermarkets. Always remember - the next welfare case to call The Royal British Legion might be yours.

Each year the Legion's Poppy Factory produces over 30 million Poppies, thousands of Wreaths and Remembrance Crosses. The increasing demand each year reflects the overwhelming public support for the Poppy Appeal. The two-week Poppy period also encompasses 'Remembrance', culminating in the Two-Minute Silence at 11am on 11 November, Armistice Day.

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