Remembrance Day Poems - 2010

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The following poems were written and read by pupils of Shipston PrImary School
at the Poppy Appeal Launch on Friday 22 October 2010.
Photos of the children may be found here.




Every poppy for a life that was given,
Mothers said goodbye to their sons,
Everyone joined together to save our country,
Memorials stand today so we don't forget,
Brave, innocent men who gave their lives,
Each and everyone of them,



Remembrance Day

Never again to those who fought and died in the war,
Never again to those who were forced to leave their family,
Never again to those who got shot as a soldier,
Never again to those who fought for our country,

On 11/11 at 11am, we remember those soldiers who fought in all wars.



Have You?

Have you heard
The rattling of the guns?
The booming of the grenades?
The commanding of your chums?
The whining of the air raids?

Have you seen
The planes fly by
Whilst looking at the moonlit sky?
Seen people hold their hands up high
Whilst shouting "the end is nigh"?

Have you smelt
The stinking of the petrol?
The odour of your team mates' sweat?
The smell of blood from the medical tent?
The muddy stench of the trenches?
Have you ever felt sadness overwhelm you in Flanders field?



The Poppy Torch

The silence screams across the fields and tears rolled down his face.
His son followed behind him, he dropped to the ground and pulled out
the poppy torch.
The gunfire surrounded the field.
Son, take the torch to victory, don't let the flame go out, for me don't.
The bravery, the boldness, the hero inside, his last words won the war.

20 years later
The Flanders field again.
He must pass it on as his father did,
With joy, with hope and most of all courage.
The torch led him the way, son follow the poppy's code,
The stem will give you strength and the red will bring you bravery.

Goodbye son.



Don't worry we will remember you,
We will carry the torch on,
Just like you asked,
And win the war.

Don't worry we will remember you,
You were stong willed,
You were brave hearted,
And for this we will remember you.

Don't worry we will remember you
On the day of peace so sorrowful.
We will show our respect on the 11th of November.
Many people come and see you on this special day.

Don't worry we will remember you.
The poppies can hear your whispers
As they are as red as blood.
Don't worry we will remember you.



Remembrance, remembrance the 11th of November,
The day of peacefulness also filled with sorrow,
Scarlet red poppies show in respect.
As the young mighty soldiers are remembered.

Remembrance, remembrance the 11th of November,
There is silence while the poppies hear the cries of ghosts,
The chuffed bold soldiers enter the field of silence,
As they remember their fellow friends.

Remembrance, remembrance the 11th of November,
As red as blood, poppies are placed in the wreath and silence appears,
Blissful cries are heard in Flanders field
As the brave march on.

Remembrance, remembrance the 11th of November,
Crimson poppies represent their life,
Their confidence to risk their lives,
Remembrance, remembrance the 11th of November.



My heart was filled with such delight as I stepped out
and thought my family might have survived.
I couldn't believe the war was over.
I felt like birds in freedom flying, flying out of sight.
I remembered the people that fought with me and to myself I exclaimed
As I stepped onto a piece of wood I saw it said "Rest in Peace"
So I shoved it into the ground and said
"We will remember
Always and Forever"


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